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April 23, 2020


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The innovative business concept opens new perspectives for a personal independence, financial and professional freedom. His innovative business idea introduces the team from La Palma Brena Baja to Santa Cruz de la Palma (ar). The special thing about it is that everyone in the situation is to implement it, which is like with people and likes people. Why? Because you have only success with this concept, when you help other people to achieve their own goals and become successful. Meanwhile, partners from many European countries in the network of the teams involved. Especially in this day and age of economic uncertainty and financial crises, this concept is an ideal way to protect themselves financially in the long term. The La Palma team describes as the business idea: “we are a TEAM or network of people who want to have big goals and to generate passive income. All companies or businesses that you know have learned so far, generate their sales by buying a something and then resell. Our team and that is the big difference to others can do these sales by each of us buys something for themselves and consume it themselves! We are a pure consumer network. We sell anything! We cooperate with a solid partner company, the roots of which go back in the year 1936. Across all areas of our “business”, there are neutral sources that interested parties can use to find out! The successful launch of new team partner is already so prepared. Our team of La Palma helps interested people to build their own network in the referral marketing part-time as a second pillar, or professionally.” And the most convincing fact is: it works has been proven without equity, without risk and without any investment! Who wants to know more about the La Palma team and this opportunity to build up an interesting extra income or main source of income, look at the Internet page. There you can learn how it all began and why so many people are excited by the concept of the 3 G life.