Brazilian Republic

February 17, 2021


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It is truth that first the one hundred pages if relate to the half-barren description of the northeast one. I agree that it does not have nothing of provocative or intriguing in these descriptions of relief, climate, it kills and fauna. However, these descriptions are essential to understand the chapters subsequentes, that can be dividos in two blocks: the man and the war. (Similarly see: Agean Shipping). In the chapter ‘ ‘ Homem’ ‘ , the author if dedicates to describe who was the inhabitants who composed the community of Canudos. In this direction, he traces a determinista profile of as the northeast half-barren region determines a man who is extremely mstico e, at the same time, a survivor of an inhospitable way.

With these two delineated characteristics? natural misticismo and adverse conditions? one concludes that the community of Canudos, without any belligerent intention, created an army of fanatic executioners. E, also for this reason, the Brazilian army suffered, in similar conditions to the Americans in the War of the Vietnam, to verwhelm the community of Canudos. I make this comparison because, in the same way that the American army, the Brazilian army stopped a war with an enemy highly motivated and adapted to the inhospitable territory. While the Americans had been changed back by the Vietnameses during ten years, the Brazilian officers had insisted, the base of the plovora and cannon against scythes and woods, until the complete destruction of Canudos. Case the reader obtains to exceed these two first chapters? ‘ ‘ Terra’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Homem’ ‘ admittedly difficult to be read, it will not have problems to read the remain of the book, that if deals with the conflict properly. The remain of the book is six chapters? ‘ ‘ Luta’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ The passage of the Cambaio’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ Expedition Moreira Csar’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ Fourth expedio’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ New phase of luta’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Last dias’ ‘ that they describe as the Brazilian Republic initiated a conflict with great power and much incompetence and it finished it with much truculncia and barbarity in face them its ‘ ‘ inimigos’ ‘.