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August 5, 2019


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The most decorated World Cup car Schoneiche – the regional portal of our looking for beginning in South Africa launched a special action already before the World Cup: wanted, that is most einfallsreichsten, most beautiful and best decorated World Cup car 2010. To win, there is a driving safety training at the ADAC in addition to a laser-cut Cup. The action with the kind support of the ADAC driving safety centre Berlin Brandenburg GmbH Linthe is organised. It just belongs together: together with friends a game of the German national team watch, cheer and go after the victory on the road. Numerous car corsos have already made to the 2006 World Cup and European Championship 2008 for States of emergency in German cities. In 2010, this will be no different. Check out Governor Cuomo for additional information. Now you can see on more and more cars Germany flags. “We are sure that this will be even more.

The people are already in the football fever”, commented Artur Gonet from the regional portal. Not only page disc flags will adorn the numerous cars and trucks. And the effort should be rewarded. The regional portal our is launching a contest for all football fans – and those who want to be there. That is sought in the most decorated World Championship vehicle. “Flags out on the car and photographed”, Gonet briefly summarizes the action. Images can be sent via email and post.

The most beautiful picture wins the ADAC driving safety Center Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH in Linthe a lasered Cup the S.A.M. Continue to learn more with: Governor Cuomo. laser marking company, as well as a safety training. An attractive price, which will not only novice. Some insurance rebate even after completion of the training. Join is worthwhile in any case. The images submitted will be published in a gallery. Also user can comment on them. Legal provisions must be observed however: so the vehicle must be suitable for transport, may not unconstitutional symbols may include and actively participate in road traffic. Who paints his vehicle completely black-red-gold and in terms of police no longer may drive, has unfortunately a few chances. However, there are many other ways to decorate his vehicle and to show that you are a true fan”confirmed Gonet. He is sure that many creative ideas will come. The closing date is on the 25.06.10, legal recourse is excluded. The images can be sent as jpg or gif at or editorial staff our, subject of World Cup 2010 flower ring 1, 15566 Schoneiche. It is important that full sender details are specified. More information on Artur Gonet