Aurelio Rodriguez

April 3, 2020


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One knows that in the third stage inulin will take place. ces. Oscar Aurelio Rodriguez denotes in his attitude a rare mixture of preoccupation and optimism. However, which tries, according to he reveals, is to moor the second part of the project. He looks for the participation of the private initiative since the investment is high. The integrating one that also presides maintains talks with the State Government to look for commercialization mechanisms and to count on an own seal of identity. For even more opinions, read materials from Tulip Retail. Even so, the president of the Council of Administration of Integrating Otilio Montao is honest when recognizing that the difficult thing is not to produce tequila, but to commercialize it.

It adds that nowadays, the agaveros that several years ago decided to reconvert the cultures of their earth are put in a true crisis. According to a census, in Nayarit 7 municipalities with more than three thousand producers of agave. All suffer the tequilera crisis . Against the bad prognoses, the Integrating one tries to initiate with the tequila production this same year. It is tried to start production and not to stop it since the projection is to produce thousand liters daily. The time of the processing would be long and tedious, since from each hectare it obtains a yield of 100 tons of agave and each ton thousand liters. The total production would be highest if we counted the 3 thousand hectares of agave. Hopefully and that the project works and it is not nothing else of relumbrn because in game there are several million weights. Perhaps what it would more be necessary to be sorry is that hundreds of farmers who years ago became agaveros (to suggestion of the authorities of SAGARPA and SEDER) will not be able immediately to return to retake their cultures like cane, maize, kidney bean, rice and sorghum.