Ambient Awareness

July 12, 2017


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Education and Ambient Awareness concerning the Global Heating the man with its predatory and irresponsible action stops with its half one, comes modifying and modifying the climate of the planet. The greed and the search for the power make with that the human being pass to disdain the natural wealth as our greater well, and use our resources of the nature erroneamente, without preservation, without care, in a relation of usurpation and destruction. All action has a reaction, that is, everything that the man comes making with the environment will be returned, through the changes in the climate and the appearance of extreme events as floods, hurricanes among others. For this reason one becomes necessary to develop public politics that if worry about the population and divulge on the global heating, its causes and consequences, in all the sectors, so that all can collaborate for reduction of the GEEs in the atmosphere. The necessary citizen to have knowledge of that he is possible to change the destination of our planet, also it must have access to the information that assist in the protection of the planet in small attitudes as to use the bicycle or collective bus in our daily one, for reduction of GEEs, rationalization of the use of electric energy and also preservation of the bushes for better use of the natural resources, in a relation of adaptation of the man with the way. The future of our planet also depends on each one of us and of the conscience citizen on all, that is, of the comprometimento of all the classrooms and races in search of an only objective to save the planet. It is necessity that in the schools, since the infantile education, the children learn the importance of the nature and as she preserves it, that they can understand that the future depends on the actions that the planet suffers today. Currently what it must be made is to demand that the governing invest in the sustainable development so that has economic progress without aggression the nature.

However some simple measures exist to be taken not to get worse situation of the planet. They are: Improvement of the public transport so that the people can use it, reducing the circulation of particular vehicles, making with that it also diminishes the fuel consumption and the emissions of GEEs; To save water, only using the necessary one. A simple attitude is when brushing the teeth not to leave the opened tap, that can spend 14 liters of water. Therefore if 4 million people to close the tap when brushing the teeth are possible to save the sufficient to supply a city with 1 million of inhabitants in one day; To buy products in which its manufacturers if worry about the environment, using the natural resources with responsibility without causing great impacts to the nature. These attitudes are simple and can be taken by any individual without restrictions of classroom or great purchasing power, and are of extreme importance, therefore they are capable to diminish the aggressions caused for the proper man to the nature.