January 10, 2020


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You can create icons for a list of dialed / received / missed calls. Utility Voice Commander allows you to configure voice control. Image Maker, Image Wizard and Multimedia Manager – applications that combine user-friendly viewer graphical editor and a tool for creating simple drawings. Can process images with built-in camera, in particular to change the orientation, scale, and so on. The program allows you to manage audio Scenarios profiles.

Program Backup Utility – Allows backup and data recovery. Features Bluetooth-module are identical to features of its predecessor – Glofiish X500. In this model, the protocol used Bluetooth 2.0, which offers a new, more user-friendly interface and lots of possibilities, among which are the profiles supported FTP and DUN, enhanced data rate (EDR – Enhanced Data Rate) and the support profile A2DP, which allows listening to music via wireless headset, to synchronize data via ActiveSync, connect a wireless keyboard and communicate with other devices. Wi-Fi-opportunity Glofiish M700 also features identical to the X500. M700 supports the fastest of the common standard Wi-Fi – 802.11g. Wi-Fi technology designed to access at short distances and at the same time, at sufficiently high velocities. Usability of the Wi-Fi increases due to the established unit pack AKU3. When working the user can prioritize the traffic of applications running. The 802.11g standard has the following characteristics: – 54 Mbps, up to 125 * Mbps – Radius: 50 m – Minutes of security: WEP, WPA, WPA2 – Security level: high Integrated GPS-receiver, which is famous for its M700, is based on a 20-channel chip SiRFstar III, among the main advantages of which – can be used without an external antenna.