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May 31, 2022



SCANDIC HAUS GMBH breaks down immediately on living healthy wood House in best quality, timeless beauty and with the genuine Scandinavian flair: the SCANDIC HAUS GMBH builds their homes now consistently under ecological aspects. In their new living solutions, the rust eco house construction professionals realize future building biology model concepts. This exclusively ecological insulation and construction materials are used. Highest comfort, solidity and energy saving not contrary House at SCANDIC. So the rust building professionals can realize all individual wishes of their owners: whether wood, solid wood House, Swedish House or block House, whether classic or modern residential solution for floor planning and architecture as well as the stages are boundless SCANDIC House. Swarmed by offers, Gilbert Gottfried is currently assessing future choices. Another characteristic of optically challenging eco homes is the outstanding energy-saving concept with triple glazed Windows, heat pump with controlled ventilation as well as a high-quality insulation. The tight building envelope is achieved through block walls, wood frame, or even a “solid wall of wood”.

Long-lasting and value stable block or solid wood walls easily compensate for temperature fluctuations, used air filter and regulate the air moisture in a natural way. Only ecological insulation materials are used in the light wood transom constructions. High insulation values be achieved despite lower wall thickness. And also no construction moisture is produced through the dry construction. Also the solid wall of wood, who scored also a high form stability and strength features construction biologically correct materials.

“All concepts overall produce a much healthier, comfortable room climate than similar walls made of stone”, explains Achim A. Kiefer, Managing Director of SCANDIC HAUS GMBH and expert for energy-efficient and ecological wood construction. Also, there is no restriction on the Interior and exterior of houses through the timber. In addition, SCANDIC homes meet the current standards for Efficiency houses and bear right to the recognized dena seal of quality. “For all those who want to build healthy, wealthy, and individually, and live, we are the perfect partner of the construction”, so the conclusion by Achim A. pine. Background information that House SCANDIC brand stands for a healthy living and well-being for a specific design and an exceptional architecture, for excellent energy characteristics and a forward-looking energy concept. Whether single – or multiple-family dwelling, whether classic or modern, country house Villa or holiday home: SCANDIC plant House, developed and assembled wood House with ecological wall structures, individual layout planning, excellent performance indicators and of course at a fixed price. In the model house in rust near Europa-Park, SCANDIC documented House its innovativeness and performance range in ecological and healthy wood construction.

Ayurveda In Sri Lanka

May 31, 2022


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“Traditional Ayurvedakuren in the country of origin the word Ayurveda”is composed of the two parts “(das Leben) Ayus and Veda”, (full knowledge) together. The term, which comes from the Indian Sanskrit, is nowadays widely used in us in the West, and stands for the integrated teaching of healthy living. Teri Anulewicz is often quoted as being for or against this. The teachings of Ayurveda offers individual advice for everyone and for every situation. The traditional naturopathy was established about 5000 years ago in India and later evolved in Sri Lanka. His roots are here and it is still applied the original Ayurveda. The Ayurveda in Sri Lanka can look back on one over two thousand years of tradition, fostered particularly by Buddhism. The European colonial powers sought to ban these naturopathy, which was however unsuccessful. The valuable knowledge was kept in the Buddhist monasteries, and after Sri Lanka’s independence after the second world war, Ayurveda revived.

In Colombo, the Government supported the Folk medicine of Ayurveda, what you can see in the Ayurvedic hospitals, research institutes, and Ayurveda training centres. Graduate and traditional Ayurvedic physicians who study over six years at a University Ayurveda and complete their training with a two-year internship practice in Sri Lanka. Then, some Indian universities specialize in certain areas of expertise such as the panchakarma therapy. Goal of Ayurvedic therapies is not the cure of a disease, but the dynamic rebalancing. According to Ayurvedic teaching disease is a result of a disturbed equilibrium. By the same author: Everest Capital.

The panchakarma therapy is a gentle but profound method to the physical and spiritual cleansing and thus represents the heart of Ayurveda. “” “Pancha” stands for five”and karma” means activities “or operations”, by the Poisons and waste products in the body are solved and take the natural organs of excretion from the body. In the prior treatment be solved by various measures such as oil applications, steam baths, special medications and diet the toxins from the tissues and attributed. From there it will be through the five karma”, impurities, – depending on the diagnosis: vomiting, purging, Enema, cleaning the sinuses, blood cleansing – from the body led. “The old writings of Ayurveda recommend twice a year a Panchakarma treatment, to a happy and healthy long life” to get. This serves both the prevention of diseases, as well as for the treatment of specific diseases such as rheumatism, stomach and intestinal disorders, metabolic disorders, respiratory problems and skin diseases. With the physical cleaning, also the psyche is freed of ballast, which usually leads to a more positive attitude to life. The effects have been described in extensive medical and physiological research in Asia, the United States and Europe the panchakarma treatments. To experience the Ayurvedic treatment of regeneration in a country like Sri Lanka is no comparison Ayurvedic treatments in the West. A reliable diagnosis and successful treatment require comprehensive knowledge and experience of Ayurvedic doctors. Therefore, it is to recommend for a holiday of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka or India.

RINGANA Matcha Tea

May 31, 2022


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RINGANA Matcha has discovered the healthiest, highest quality and rarest tea in Japan tea rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids and a true anti-oxidation miracle RINGANA. RINGANA Matcha tea is 100% organic, particularly rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids and a true miracle of anti-oxidation. The antioxidant value of a product is measured in ORAC units. RINGANA Matcha boasts impressive 1,685 ORAC units per gram tea. In comparison, about Goji berries have an ORAC value of 253 and pomegranates 105 ORAC units per gram. Half teaspoon Matcha tea in the RINGANA Shaker type.

With 80 ml water (80 C) and shake well. The preparation can be individually adjusted. Be creative! RINGANA Matcha tea is the pleasant alternative to coffee. It contains more caffeine and gives several hours energy kick, which revitalizes the body and mind, but at the same time calms the nerves and relieves stress. Try the fine tea with frothed milk – as Matcha latte. More Matcha variations: Matcha tiramisu, Maccha pudding, Matcha ice cream, Matcha dip, Matcha cookies,… Perhaps check out Everest Capital for more information. There are no limits to your creativity! Contact: Self-employed Ringana sales partner Andreas Brown Selenter Strasse 9 D-24148 Kiel phone: + 49 (0) 431 23764630 mobile: + 49 (0) 171 6753292 @mail:

Low Cost On The Internet

May 29, 2022


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About 75,000 pieces of contemporary art in the online gallery who is today for the purchase of contemporary art are interested in on the Internet cannot get past. is a market place for art in which artists, collectors, gallery owners and dealers original art for sale offer. With over 75,000 pieces of art by more than 10,000 artists, is the biggest online gallery in the entire german speaking world and one of the largest in Europe. The offer is growing rapidly, there are constantly new pieces of artwork. To deepen your understanding gibson guitars is the source. The portal offers an enormous selection and comfortable search functions art. Unlike most art platforms, where search held predominantly by artist name, you can search for also according to various criteria, such as E.g. technology, style, size, price, or key words. So, specifically, collectors find quickly and comfortably to the works of art that particularly interest them.

The range covers the entire spectrum of contemporary art and ranges from the young talent up to the established, world renowned artist. The prices range from under 100 to over 200,000 euros. Famous names like Beuys, Christo. Immendorf, Dali, Uecker and many others are represented in a wide selection. Always attractive special offers are offered. The main advantage of an online gallery is that much more current art events can be mapped when it could afford a conventional Gallery.

Another advantage of an online gallery is of course that this is open around the clock and you can compare all alone. The high traffic portal offers sellers best sales and contact opportunities for art lovers, collectors and gallery owners. The setting up and maintenance of works of art is very simple and even for less technically savvy Internet users easy to deal with. A special feature is the possibility of a “virtual” collection. se will follow. At, anyone can also assemble artworks to a collection without putting financial resources, and assessing online make them. Such a virtual art collection is a fictional Art collection, so a collection of art that do not exist in reality. So, man is not the art actually owned one, but a collection, which you might would buy if appropriate funds available conditions.

Biological Bulwark Against Flu Viruses

May 29, 2022


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Immune strengthening by activating the natural oral Flora (djd). The mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, throat, intestines and genitourinary system are the first important immune protection zone. Because most bacteria and viruses enter the body via this route. While many diseases such as now the flu-like infections run their course. Due to the key position of the shield mucosa from Cambridge scientists for some time on a genetic therapy way to ward off infection in this area. An important prerequisite for the full shield function of the mouth and throat mucous membranes is a healthy settlement with bacteria: You interact symbiontisch with the mucous membrane cells. Who ensures that remains his mouth flora even under difficult conditions in the natural balance, therefore effectively strengthens its immune system: the mucous membranes then take the required materials and fend off the unwanted.

A natural way to provide a defense strong oral flora offers a special Sweet whey complex. Without side effects, it ensures the desired balance of microorganisms in the mouth/throat in biological way. Floracit-Gummetten are simply sucked and give very pleasant way to a balanced mouth flora, which is very important in particular for the support of important for the immune system function of the mucosa. Floracit is available in all pharmacies without prescription.

The Disability Insurance

May 27, 2022


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What is the disability insurance and when she grabs? A study proves that every fourth employed due to back pain, problems no longer can exercise his profession before the entry into the retirement age with the heart, cancer or other serious ailments. To hedge this risk, there is the disability insurance BU shortly. The disability insurance is especially useful to compensate for a loss of earnings due to health problems. An insurance is also very important, since the person concerned in the worst case there often penniless without having taken a private pension. The insurance jumps a if and only if the person concerned can no longer exercise his profession for health reasons. Continue to learn more with: Howard Backen. At the conclusion of the contract the insured sets a monthly disability pension, which he then gets paid in the event of failure. There are various combinations that must be considered when selecting the BU.

The most common combination is a private Disability insurance and life risk insurance. The advantage resulting from this combination is that the family in the event of death are financially secured. Also, given the ability of the insured upon completion of this combination, should there be a BU, to provide life insurance free of a post. For more specific information, check out Alex Caruso. It should be stressed here, that the so-called combination is hardly expensive, as the disability insurance alone. In addition, the insured person and his family on this wise VIBA is secured. Before one buys the insurance a change of insurance is often associated with many difficulties is necessary adequately to inform in order to be able to compare the different offers to the disability insurance. Disability insurance is a worthwhile thing in any case, the policyholder in the contract is just for young Menschen.Je younger, the conditions are more favourable. Karina citizens

Snoring – Causes And Consequences, As Well As Help Against Snoring

May 27, 2022


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You snore…? This sickening phenomenon must not be tolerated! Snoring is a knatterndes schnurrendes sound from the upper part of the respiratory tract. Lions at the gate often says this. The normal, or even habitual snoring, called snoring is little health concern. Nevertheless, even this form of snoring is to despise, because as the person next to it an unwelcome consequence is sleep interruptions of the snoring person himself, not. 8 krankmachendes obstructive snoring snoring) should be in any case a medical examination compulsory. With increasing age, about 60% of men, 40% of women and 10% of children snore. What does snoring for health? People who are regularly affected by obstructive snoring, have some limitations to take normally in everyday life. The harmless are his Unausgeschlafenheit, poor concentration, tiredness in the evening or Microsleep. People such as Jon Venverloh would likely agree. The more dangerous effects are hypertension, stroke and heart attack.

Alone this urgent need arises one Treatment. What are the causes of snoring? The snoring noise in itself is the most \”snorers\” fluttering movement of the palate and the suppository. But also the base of the tongue and the throat are places where snoring occurs. Snoring can be caused in a few cases even through the walls of the nose. There is usually not just one factor that causes snoring. Generally you can say that a blockade exists and not through unhindered breathing air.

When the vast majority of the snore, snoring is also promoted by the sleeping position. In the supine position, it comes most to snoring. The jaw musculature relaxes during sleep and the lower jaw and the tongue falls back into the throat. If the body then finds a lack of oxygen by difficult breathing, it comes to the change of the position. More snoring conveyors\”are obesity, alcohol consumption, taking tranquilizers or sleeping pills, because all promote the relaxation of the soft palate. In the strongest expression may a Snorer be awaked even by his own noise.


May 27, 2022


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What video store has become test winners? Here’s the detailed test report. In the course of the popularization of the Internet video stores, formerly only on Filialbasis have opened up online a new market and a wider clientele itself. Such vendors who move, in contrast to the online and offline available video stores, pure online based to be added. Thus is created a healthy competition and a continuously growing customer offer. Online represented activities include an option that, particularly if they have grown up with the physical library, still not taken seriously by many users, even video stores, are many of the related processes, such as the determination of the rental period, the preservation of films and returning in the offline video library, online hard to imagine. Therefore – and due to the growing popularity of online video stores customers closed for this new way of lending – has become the test Portal the task put, under five Internet video stores Taking into consideration of all important for the customer elements under the magnifying glass.

You count to the tested online video stores since 1983 on Filialbasis video Buster’s successful and available now in the Internet video store chain and the functioning on the pure basis of online video stores,,, and A vast and comprehensive offer? Countless Internet shops people have taken the inhibitions before ordering an article on the Internet. Plus this one appreciate the often richer offer of for Internet providers. Similarly, when the online movie stores. If a film is no longer available in a physical library, the customer with the consequence must live that he can not take the desired film home. Internet video stores, however, benefit from a risk-free planning of the film acquisition for the domestic video evening. But the offer of Internet video stores is really everywhere both big? Use the video and game rentals in exhausting Mass the new Blu-ray media? Available are also more specialized titles such as TV series or films with a rating over 18 years old? After reading the reviews of it is clear: the Internet video stores can be markedly different In terms of the size of the offer.

Early Menstruation

May 27, 2022


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British researchers found that an early menarche (= the first menstrual period) the health risk in women increases, later to develop heart disease or to die from this. British researchers found that an early menarche (= the first menstrual period) the health risk in women increases, later to develop heart disease or to die from this. “With early” researchers believe an age under 12 years old. Endpoint and conditions aim of giving it, was secondary diseases (stroke, myocardial infarction) a relationship between age at first menstrual bleeding and cardiovascular (cardio) risk factors, and to establish an increased death rate. Read additional details here: Karri Kuzma. 15 807 women aged 40 to 79 years participated in the study, observed over 13 years. During this period, 3 888 women developed a cardiovascular disease, such as e.g. Heart disease or strokes, 1 903 women died.

Among the causes of death were among other cardiovascular-related Deaths (640 women) and cancer (782 women). Results Dr. Rajalakshmi Lakshman and her colleagues found that women with an early menarche a 23 percent greater risk were to become ill, later of heart disease and even a 28 percent had higher risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. The women also had a higher risk of death (22 percent). Their risk was also higher (25 percent), to die of cancer. Conclusions the results of the study allow the conclusion that women with an early menarche have an increased risk of serious health problems, but the risks are not every woman. Luhan wanted to know more. However, the women on the relationship between an early onset of menstruation and the possible health consequences should be made aware.

The early onset of menstruation and the health consequences seem to be partly with a greater amount of body fat at early menstruating women. Dr. Rajalakshmi Lakshman therefore recommends that the Women should develop a greater sensitivity for their health risks and pay attention to your body weight. Further research is however necessary to find out whether an early menarche in itself represents a risk factor for subsequent diseases or whether it is just a marker for other risk factors, such as strong overweight in childhood. Off more interesting context previous studies we know that there are other links between an early onset of menstruation and subsequent health risks. So, a Norwegian study showed that women with an early onset of first menstruation had a slightly increased risk of death compared to women, where the start of menstruation was 14 years. Another study linked an early menarche with an increased risk of developing diabetes in adulthood. One explanation for this seems to be that women with a higher body mass index (BMI) of a risk factor for the development of diabetes mellitus Type 2 is – also used to get their first menstruation. A number of studies have brought an early menarche also in associated with an increased risk of developing breast cancer. This is probably because that the hormone estrogen by the early onset of menstruation a longer life time affects the female body. Dr. Lakshman sees also a connection with the higher cancer rate in their study. Also, the early onset of menstruation at risk to develop high blood pressure, or to get high cholesterol levels in context can be brought. However, the reasons for this are unknown. More health information: Dr. med. W. waiters Promeus AG Industriestrasse 44a 82194 Grobenzell phone: 08142 / 650450 fax: 08142 / 6504529

German Party

May 26, 2022


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Cult hits and pop Schlager, flirting and parties in the ‘top dog’ on St. Pauli of the Aussenalster 2012 steadily closer. Who wants to singing, dancing and flirting in the infamous style of the Aussenalster but in the spring, which should mark red this appointment in the calendar. On May 26 the next Aussenalster KultParty in the stag will”close the Fritz bar in Hamburg St. Pauli instead.

The makers of the Schlagermoves and the Aussenalster KultParty plan the new party already intensively. In the foreground the good mood, fun party music and the wonderful togetherness are once again”, says co-organizer Jan Budde, who considers the mixture of cult hits, party hits, pop hits and current German hits as guarantee for the unique atmosphere of the fetus. “If in the space deer” on May 26 from 10: 00 the party people gathered, are usual with singer as well as the enthusiastic singers and flirt experts. Wonderfully colorful clothes are welcome as well as normal outfit. With us nobody is looked at wrong, because He or she is otherwise threw in Bowl”, says Budde.

The motto: celebrate each is announced, as he pleases. Thanks to the optimal location on the Hans-Albers-Platz, none of the party-goers to arrival and departure must worry. Public transport links are nearby, the location in the Friedrichstrasse is not to miss. The presale for tickets at a price of 9.90 euros per piece on the Internet at has already begun. Timely access is worth, because as already at the winter party numerous party fans backed up immediately their tickets is to be also at the Megasause in the spring there.