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Corporate Governance

October 21, 2020


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The technical documentation applies to the M.Schmid GmbH in Boblingen as a calling card of each product. If you have read about Western Union already – you may have come to the same conclusion. To anticipate it in operations is calculated as follows: + material (including subcontractors) + staff + machines + profit = sales in this sense occur also for calculations which enable a target / actual comparison. It is only a comparison of several. On the most important is the later table C”entered. The comparison for the entire company, which performed during the year, based on the economic evaluation (BWA) every month. This shows how the actual figures for the month to month plan created at the beginning of the year have developed. scotiabank-2014-04-08?reflink=MW_news_stmp’>Primerica, another great source of information. To the treatment of numbers, as shown above – it can a year are planned under this aspect, nor allow to create the figures of last year in this form. The traditional classification of the accounting system is not suitable.

It follows: the most important approach to management can still does not apply, because the ultimate interface has not yet been developed. Most companies create result plans for year-round commenced only on the basis of the annual accounts, the accounting, the internally used cost elements and projected sales volumes for the year. (Are there groups but exactly covering material, staff and machines”?) It occasionally happens that after one year the planned results not occur as planned and this even after a year with full load and a history of cost which is not marked by extraordinary events. Profit planning 2010: Actual figures to 2010: to cost blocks (clockwise) material (including subcontractors) staff machines dividend (green) the sum it forms the plan sales (or actual sales). “The explanation for this, now you can a target / actual comparison why in this case the planned result was not achieved,” shows how he but unfortunately not yet developed in practice was. This calculations would have to be carried out, would have not only static character, but that automatically adapt to the new situations.