Worldwide Economy

November 9, 2017


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Knows that one its flat friend? That one that when it opens the mouth is always for speaking badly of somebody or to make some pessimistic forecast. That one that has in the tip of the language the last number of the unemployment, or the fall of the sales of the commerce? That one that finds that the crisis was the best thing that already happened, after all now it has sufficiently subject. Therefore the FMI gave one of flat friend in the day 22 of April when announcing its projections for 2009. Soon now that its star was coming back to shine desque that the G-20 decided to triple the resources directed for it. Continue to learn more with: Hikmet Ersek. He seemed that the flat friend would have a possibility. However, now that the group came back to give attention toward it, the FMI if refuses to launch a hope light on the world. The more the politicians demonstrate to hopes of recovery, more pessimistic the FMI are.

According to Deep the world-wide economy must be contracted in 1,3% this year, in the biggest retraction in the after-Second period War. For Brazil, the prognostic is of contraction of 1,3% in Produto Interno Bruto (PIB) in 2009 and expansion of 2.2% in 2010. Moreover, it raised its estimate for the financial countable decreases added for US$ 4.1 trillions, just when the secretary of the Treasure of the United States said that the banks well are capitalized. Now, the FMI divulged growth forecasts that will even though make most pessimistic to be scared. Only catstrofesOs United States remain in epicenter of crisis and that it is basic that the North American authorities fight the increasing toxic debts and the uncertainty on the solution of the banks, informed the Deep one that it cut to the forecast for U.S.A. for a contraction of 2,8% in this year and growth zero of the GIP of the country in 2010, to the measure that finish the damages the squeeze of credit, the fall of the prices of housings and action and the high levels of uncertainty.