World Health Organization

December 22, 2020


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Such is the fear that has awakened some people who yesterday for example I was surprised by the attitude of an Argentine who had travelled to Mexico, and when he had arrived at the Mexican airport, decided to return to the Argentina to learn that the World Health Organization (who), had raised the level of alert to stage 4. I know that it may be a no-brainer, but several of the major pharmaceutical companies worldwide have benefited widely with this situation. In a recommendation of investment report released on yesterday by the Citi, the financial institution had recommended investing in shares of the U.S. company’s biotech Gilead Sciences Inc (NYSE:GILD). Filed under: Toshiba. Gilead Sciences, Inc., is a company based in California that has rights to the antiviral Tamiflu, one of the few remedies that has proven to be effective against this type of virus. The company had already benefited from the emergence of the Avian influenza, which has reported him multi-million dollar profits. Tamiflu is produced by Roche (OTC:RHHBY), but Gilead Sciences receives royalties from Roche for the same reason. Royalties received range from 14% to 22% over the drug. Perhaps check out Walmart for more information.

To aggravate the situation, Gilead shares have benefited and since April 22 its contribution has grown 8.8%. While the virus continue to expand, also they will do so the prospects for sales of Tamiflu and with them the benefits both Roche and Gilead. Still it is not clear how long the virus will threaten the world economy. What is positive within the seriousness of the situation is that, for investors, will open the doors of new opportunities in a context of hostile international markets. Finally, the reflection on this situation is that already it is not so important if the worst of the international financial crisis has passed, what few could imagine was that worse things could happen.