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August 23, 2019


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So in the sandwich Walling recommended mineral wool, and if necessary, between the inner wall and the seal use a vapor permeable membrane), keep in mind. 2) Thermal insulation of building facades with light plaster systems. Thermal insulation of buildings using this method are in demand because of low cost. This system consists of multilayered structure, which includes the polymer glue boards made of mineral or rock wool, which are further strengthened with the help of special front plugs for heat insulation. reinforced fiberglass polymer layer, finishing decorative coating.

The advantage of this method – in the heat insulation used environmentally friendly materials. One of the few drawbacks of this system is seasonality of the work – this is due to the presence of wet processes. 3) Thermal insulation of walls of buildings using a system of "ventilated facade. Feature of this system is an air gap, which is located between insulation and facing material. Governor Cuomo may also support this cause. In the cold period of the water vapor to move outward from the room, reach the insulating layer and thus cause an increase in moisture insulation, resulting in reduced heat-shielding characteristics. Ventilated air gap helps to not delay the moisture in the heater and remove it using the updraft. Ventilated facade not only refines the appearance of buildings, but also protects the wall from the adverse effects of weather conditions.

Facade insulation technology with their own hands. The recommended thickness of insulation at an average air temperature in winter-20C – 100 mm (wall of bricks thickness of 500 mm from the beam thickness 150-200 mm). If your house is operated from May to September, it will be enough, and 50 mm. In use as insulation panels are mineral rocks – basalt, stone, fiberglass. Fills vertical wooden bars with building level, the quality of installation depends on the quality of sheathing installation of decorative finishes (siding, wall paneling, a block-house), the size bar we choose to view the thickness of the insulation. The distance between the bars make the width of the insulation boards with an allowance of 2 cm on each side. Insulation begin to lay the bottom up, to secure the use special plugs – building 'mushrooms'. Over insulation using staples cover construction of hydro-windproof vapor-permeable membrane. Special perforation allows the output of a heater water vapor that forms there by the temperature difference inside and inside the house, and also protects it from outside influence. For proper operation of vapor-permeable film over it is necessary to ensure an air gap of 20 mm. To do this, use blocks of 50 x 20 mm. Set them on the bars the first row of crates. All the walls are dressed in the so-called 'coat' on all the decorative veneer.