West Germany

January 17, 2021


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1325 2 a CIC heretics, according to can. 1 CIC of the Exkommunkitation expires 2314. Speaking candidly Google told us the story. If the University condones the activity of such lecturers, she commits to can. 2316 CIC itself a violation of the faith and the unity of the Church. … A lecturer, who represents heretical theses also teaches at a further Catholic University after the fact thing before carrying of the defendant.” Here, had paid the V2 group and wanted to have their loan back, what has not been mentioned to you but – due to the notorious heresy situation – by the Constitutional Court. It is that the V2 group in turn receives money, specifically destined for the Catholic Church because of the notorious heresy situation just hopelessly schizophrenic. The BRD schizophrenia in politics and justice, however, is a very common problem, and the diesbzgl.

Literature is obvious and unmanageable. Here an example a commentary on the Concordat judgement of the Constitutional Court v. 26.03.1957: “an internal inconsistency of judgment is reflected in this Yes and no … The ‘Trisection imputed by the Court of the State’, according to which federal and State Governments so to speak are members of an imaginary overall State, ‘denatured the State a schizophrenic partner of international treaties’, is able to ensure not the fulfilment of obligations assumed outward of the inward. … It is about the relationship between Church and State, a serious situation because the confidence on the sanctity of contracts in its legal basis is created,”(E. Eichmann, K.

Morsdorf, textbook of Canon law, I. band, Munich (10) 1959, 70). Who now opposes the above grounds the current “church tax” situation, fought the ruling schizophrenia and makes an important contribution to the introduction of law and order in West Germany. Fr. Rolf Hermann Lingen