Well Money

August 12, 2017


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C’mon, work. From the very first money abroad to their families. With the second money is growing and expanding with a third, real estate, buy, get in to debt, pay and plow, plow, plow. Increased – went penny. The firm is growing – divide the sphere Liability and again plow. Rustling in the vaults. And here it begins. Let’s see who’s still one of us plowing more? And off we go.

First – small separate ‘concealment’, they say, I cranked it all here, they have nothing to do collapse or a crisis occurs. Well, in the crisis – the sacred cause, we, having abandoned their cloaks and daggers again rushes to recess shoulder to shoulder, and stand firmly as the ‘Worker and Collective Farmer’ or ‘worker and work’ till the end of a heavy period. And there, look, again rustling. As a result of someone one does not stand up and “goes to the storm ‘, it is asked, blazing righteous anger, how long will it last obegorivanie each other. In most cases, response he gets is as righteously angry retort-style – “like you my best companion in the world could such a thought about me, your best companion in the world, after all, what we have experienced together!