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January 1, 2018


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New workshop at medienarbeiten.de: PR in crisis – crisis and PR all talk of the crisis. So why not use this opportunity? Small and medium-sized enterprises often neglect their PR. In the crisis can have the dire consequences. Especially in times of crisis, it is to be heard particularly himself and his company. A bird ostrich policy adversely affects the business. Even if you is not directly affected by the crisis”, says Martina Wagner from medienarbeiten.de.

Where budgets be saved anywhere, for new / other – also for the smaller gaps. Right now, you should run public relations and prepare yourself. And this is neither difficult nor expensive. “The PR workshops of medienarbeiten.de (www.medienarbeiten.de) to prove it: PR in crisis – crisis and PR”. The one-day workshop for individual companies, groups, institutions and companies (also bookable for an internal training) the basics of press work, tips & tricks for his company, positively in the media to get. Tags: Public relations Crisis PR Many spectacular events think crisis management in the context of crisis PR: but also an economic crisis with possibly redundancies and constraint of productivity or orders can internally have as external negative consequences. And finally, even the smallest messages at a rate that was unthinkable a few years ago spread in times of the Internet.

Mere rumors can call journalists arrived on the scene. To minimise the loss of confidence and hence the loss of customers or () to restore confidence in the company, the actual task of crisis PR is. Now, this is not an everyday situation and many companies are therefore ill prepared. CEO Caruso Affiliated often addresses the matter in his writings. What can be done in advance? Before the crisis, agency – owner Martina Wagner advises: training dealing with the media, in good times. The timely development of media contacts produces confidence, that use is in crisis. A seminar on the media work can be useful services. Also a professional appearance want to be skilled in front of the camera. A running environment analysis: Identify people and groups who have an opinion-shaping influence of your company in both the negative and the positive. You should have their contact information at hand. Give the people the opportunity to meet your business, E.g. through a day of open door or other spectacular PR Action. Seriously changes in social consciousness. For example a rising health awareness, increasing social or ecological awareness. During the crisis determine what the deal really is. A sober inventory helps. Contact with the media and relevant stakeholders and inform them actively. Source: NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. For example, suppliers, customers, authorities, etc. Turn off by themselves as many facts available and stay sober. Don’t forget to respond to the fears and anxieties (potentially) affected. Inform about your state of knowledge as far as It is possible for you or provide the media when you can expect (another) backed-up information. “The statement no comment” is often understood as admission of guilt. Many business owners and entrepreneurs are overwhelmed in the crisis. A failed crisis PR can permanently damage the public image and ultimately very expensive. Consider in the case of the case to use the services of a crisis PR professionals (PR agency with professional media workers) claim. And don’t forget: the crisis is before the crisis. Martina Wagner from medienarbeiten.de: also for non-affected companies it is just now important to go with positive corporate news to the public. This one stands striking and pleasantly from the other bad news. The customer is bound with friendly and good PR actions at the company or newly interested. A creative PR agency can help with that.”