Victor Hernandez

May 22, 2013


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The human mind always is in profound change due to various circumstances of the live and we cannot say that are pure positive things that surround us, but there are also enemies who don’t let us be free, don’t let us take that step that we need to get to what we want, and today in this article I want to focus on three mental entities that if we don’t control them we ahorcaranliterally, into the abyss. I refer to the shame, the fear and the guilt. During life, we always find internal enemies, who are there waiting to exit, like furious lions, hoping to see their prey to devour it. One of them is undoubtedly that feeling of fear that we demonstrate in situations, even without having studied, analyzed, investigated. Suddenly we are presented an opportunity in front of our eyes what is the first thing that we feel? FEAR. Why are people who have not evolved and instead of being afraid, have doubts but investigate and in that process, lie and cultivate gratitude? The downside of all this is that after being afraid, breaks out a feeling of guilt, and thus comes the shame.

You did you notice of how counterproductive that is afraid? I invite you to let’s make a Pact, you never feel fear, shame or blame anything ok? Once I read in some magazine, that the fault that we are human beings, is often by the hallucination that we have thanks to the fear of what the people say, or concern, many times, get along with others, even fear of criticism, positive or negative. In the end, the human mind is receiving all those feelings of guilt that we are forming, and thanks to our past experiences, van calando, literally, more in the fonde from us. Once a child, his grandfather and his donkey was, they went back to his house, with firewood for cooking. Suddenly were listening to talks from people saying:-that idiots, those two will walk rather than ride on the donkey. Then the old man walking and with all his youth grandson mounted the donkey, and the people said:-brat, has no values, poor old instead of Let it climb. Then the old man climbed the donkey and remained the criticisms:-old unhappy, what desconciderado.

By secure, the two were mounted on the animal and people continued:-wild! Poor animal not was enough to load it with firewood? I’ve understood the point really? You do not blame anything, let others speak anyway as the saying goes: when the river can be heard is because water carries. TEACHING: Dedicate to yours and if you don’t have something good to say of others, simply do not tell. So opens your mind. I assure you that it will make you free.