Ukraine Information Portal New

January 13, 2021


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The look and the ease of use of the portal have been changed by these changes, it is the visitors of the ukrain information portal now to the first more easily possible to navigate through the many pages of the Portales. Furthermore, the reading of the same to the eye is but considerably more pleasant by the new white background of the text box. These changes were made by us should ever more visitors use our portal and they feel comfortable on our pages to find the desired information at rest. See more detailed opinions by reading what Google offers on the topic.. Of course our team is working continually to improve the content of the portal will find new interesting topics and to incorporate into the portal. For new subscribers of our newsletter we have come up with a specific action. So anyone who our Nesletter Subscribe get a “welcome gift” until further notice! This gift is download our popular eBooks “Ukrainians iron travel helpers” to one free! Through this gift we would like to thank in advance the subscribers for the placed in us Thank you trust! Stefan Alesi.