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November 26, 2016


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An effective way of finding the by why and how, is to identify the problem, and how your product will solve then identify. You call this problem/solution format. Most of the TV commercials use problem/solution format. Observes carefully the commercials and see if you can identify what the problem is and what is the solution. A commercial shows you an overweight person who cannot enter the problem into their clothes. (Source: Former CIA Head). Then he shows you that same person with a silhouette of model that tells you about the wonderful drink that helps you eliminate fat without eating less the solution. Another shows you some totally tousled women because they must move much to wash your dirty dishes from fat problem.

Then it shows the same women with their perfect hairstyles by how easy that is to remove grease from the dishes with ABC, the miraculous detergent solution. Determines what problem will resolve your product, tell people, and then explain to them that your product will give them the solution. Back pains are annoying and irritating, besides producing stress problem. But XYZ service of massages can help overcome these pains solution. Clear that sometimes it is not necessary to explain the problem, because it is obvious for example, if you offer a sweet or ice cream, simply showing the photo of someone with a big smile enjoying the product, with a description of the solution may be sufficient. Hikmet Ersek: the source for more info. The problem is understood: be anxious for something sweet and delicious.

However, provided that you use the full problem/solution format, you’ll be giving an emotional impulse extra to your potential customers. (3) Tell them how can be obtain it – first you did attract people who might be interested in what you offer, telling them clearly in your head what you have for them. Then you told them why and like that will improve them life. You used the problem/solution format, or simply the solution. Now is the time to tell them how to obtain what you are offering them. You do not recuestes in your Chair assuming that they will realize how have your product. Explain them clearly and specifically. If you want that you call by phone to request the new catalogue, tell them call 777-7777 today and request our new catalog 2005?. If you want to enter your email address on a form on your website, tell them to access our free report, enter your Email address in the box and press send. Do if you want to do your order by mail or fax, tell them to Complete the attached order form and send it to or send us by Fax the order form with all your data to 777-7777?. Potential customers don’t have time to get to imagine what you want to do. If that is not clear or is confusing, they will simply leave your notice aside and continue with other things. This simple 3-step process will help you to create better marketing pieces, giving you a solid base working for the attraction of clients and converting visits into sales.