Tut System Telephonic

January 31, 2020


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The net that it uses as environment the telephonic cabeamento must be capable to coexist with the telephonic service, the data-communication functions and resources of net simultaneously. The telephonic nets work with low indices of energy, what it complicates the task to establish one adequate relation between signal and noise. To follow some characteristics of the available versions for n will be displayed HomePNA technology. 2 Versions of the HomePNA standard In August of 2009 the market offered four versions of implementation for the HomePNA standard: HomePNA 1.0: Tut Systems; (1.1) (commercial version): Speed of 1 Mbps; with abrangncia of up to 150 meters. HomePNA 2.0: Speed of up to 10 Mbps; with abrangncia 300 meters.

HomePNA 3.0: Speed of up to 240 Mbps; with abrangncia 300 meters. HomePNA 3.1: Speed of up to 320 Mbps; with abrangncia 300 meters. The four versions are compatible between itself (auto-sensing) 3 and is based on Teams Modulation Line Coding Method, that is, Method of codification of time based on line modulation, this codification incorporates adaptativo circuit in the treatment of the noise variations, moreover, to vary controls them of levels of the exit of the signal transmitted and received, monitoring continuously the conditions of the net and adjusted its parameters automatically. The first version for computer network through the existing infrastructure of lines telephonic already was proposal for the company Tut System. (HOMEPNA, 2005) 2,1 Version HomePNA 1,1 the first specification commercial technique proposal for the Home Phoneline Networking Alliance for the market, HomePNA 1,1, was published in June of 1999 and assures the compatibility among others services of communication, such as voice, ISDN and xDSL. 4, and occupies the band of frequency of the band between 5.5 MHz and 9,5 MHz, where the attenuation filters work very well, eliminating generated interferences for the services xDSL or traditional telephones, among others. One is about a net of 1 Mbps Ethernet on telephonic lines, an important criterion in the definition in the transmission way, that allowed that the HomePNA could use a great number of softwares, applicatory and hardwares compatible with the Ethernet standard, that already was a well appraised steady technology and technologically.