True Automated System

June 16, 2012


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I would like to take a step beyond, not only a system is needed, but in order to obtain the maximum benefit of the businesses in house, it is required of an automated system. In order to have an automated system and always to go a step beyond, it is necessary to attack by all the angles possible its potential clients in order to reach the prosperity. Step 1: It creates a form or a capture area. If you do not have idea of whom he is this, surely she has seen some in an Internet page when they ask to him that she registers or she leaves his data as they are his electronic mail and its name, another one of these she is when they provide a little information to him and will be necessary to be able to see all their content let his data to collect but information with respect to which I draw attention to him, the capture of these data will serve to him to create their list of prospectuses, and possible clients. Important note: it never loses this list post office, names, directions etc. It has been verified that the success of the businesses in Internet, is based on the list of prospectuses and clients, when you it sends to a new product this list becomes the success of its product, many of them will become clients and if you place his capture area, it will obtain but prospectuses. Takes us to the creation to the second technique of a system totally automated, of auto answer of electronic mail. Step 2: It follows his clients and prospectuses by electronic mail, the use of an automatic respondent car.

By my experience in this type of pursuit, you must create 10 post office and to send them in consecutive form, always giving a benefit, or writing up something interesting and does not forget to promote its business in each sent, I have noticed in the answer of people is between the 3 and fourth mail that is sent, after these 10 post office, sends 4 post office but giving space of 2 to three days, it would generate much expectation, and perhaps they answer positively its business. With a professional respondent car as Aweber is obtained all this in automated form 100%. Step 3: Pursuit by a system of diffusion by audio It has programs that make telephone calls to their prospectuses, only remembering to them periodically and to make present their product, are very powerful east system, if a pursuit becomes, continuous are often reached but clients in less time, some of the known programs but are: Goldcalling, voiceshot, probuilderplus, and Protus. Step 4: Postcards of pursuit In Latin America a system does not exist to send periodic information by direct postal mail; but you have captured the direction can send to triptyches, postcards of his product or service, and thus to capture the attention of his prospectuses, giving to understand that this interested in them, sending information customized. If you use these steps to potentialise your business, you will be obtaining in few days in automated form a very important increase in sales and income, which worked by you the 24 hours without rest, trayndote prospectuses and clients, in autopilot. Ideas of Business from house Personal tax exemptions Author original and source of the article.