Third Coaching Process

July 17, 2013


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Third process of Coaching and Action Plan follow-up live truly when we make small changes. Leo Tolstoy real power is the action behavior is what we do. We will not tire of saying that the real power is the action. But what counts are not our extraordinary actions but we do every day. And what is the origin of the action? The answer is very simple: your decisions. More than anything else, are your decisions that determine your destiny. A decision can take you to a State of joy or sadness, company or solitude, you can or cannot make your dreams of long life or early death. How many more decisions take, better learn how to take them.

As the muscles are strengthened by using them same thing happens with the mind. Usually the results are not fruit of a single decision or action. They are produced by a set of small decisions, after having taken the initiative, Act, persevere. Coaching with action will help you to learn how to make decisions quickly to take simple actions that will attract what you want. Selection criteria the selection process we propose and we will practice in the workshop is the model for your future plans. It is a process to get an automatic neurological Association, as all good generative learning. You can ask yourself: can what criteria should I use for the selection of these actions? The experience in the modeling of plans that are the most successful recommended us selecting six:-to be an attraction or an opportunity to clear to reach your goals.

-That you pose a risk to achieve it. -That you pose a leverage to turn it into opportunity. In this case it is convenient to add options and alternatives. -That they are logical and that focus made the goal. -That they are viable, you can realistically do in an appropriate period.