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December 30, 2020


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This is in our opinion the dealer-friendly model. You must not worry about server, hosting service or traffic. The ongoing development of the software slipped update costs also included, therefore. You just log on and can get started right”. Our pricing model is very simplistic. You pay no licensing costs, no setup or setup fees at Zaki. For the use of the software, we will berechnern no monthly service fee.

A sales fee is charged for each settled order. These costs arise only for generated sales and are therefore very well calculated. There are interfaces to the shop software? CSV/XML import, the full data imports as well as inventory data updates can be made. The process also can interfaces over HTTP be automated. As modules, we offer a module with which file to create a finished CSV from your shop for our system for OSC, XTC and gambio shop system users… This module is very easy to pass it the desired products in our network and daily update. In the create or edit products in your Shopadmin applying once the Zaki category ID in the article data sheet, all other data is now automatically when exporting the CSV file with pass and worked for Zaki.

So once you have to apply the category ID in your products and that’s all! You every time something changes on your products or inventory can now easily create your CSV file and set up to 5000 articles in the entire network in a few minutes via the free import service. Characters are automatically converted in product descriptions from the module. What role plays the theme in your shop software security? Because our system is used by many dealers, security is of course very essential role. It starts for the availability of the systems, which is realized via a fully redundant server cluster. Our developers are also constantly engaged in the current software-related insecurities. Reseller payment with money set aside for customers guarantee to the Verfugeng, Furthermore, any commercial trader is audited by us. But once there should be problems with a seller article of this provider offline used until clarified, so we protect customers from black sheep. What role does the topic of usability in your solution? A perfect usability was one of the most important points for us, to get you started straight E-Commerce newbies. The Zaki software is so easy to use that we do without a manual. Should nonetheless questions come up, the free support help of course. Further information to Zaki all further information including prices for retailers can be found on the .