The Universe

April 7, 2020


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The incident left a deep imprint in the minds of Rajneesh, who often speaks of this fact. Rajneesh in 1953 graduated in philosophy at the University of Jabalpur, obtaining the highest scores. Extensive reading of all religions and the hours spent in contemplation, convinced him that he had made the supreme mystical experience, he had attained enlightenment. It set a precise date for this event, the March 21, 1953. A related site: Tulip Retail mentions similar findings. He was then only 21 years.

In 1958 he was appointed professor of philosophy from the University of Jabalpur. He combined teaching with the speeches given in different cities of India. Attracted large audiences for what he said was new for people. Her voice was hypnotic and linking their iconoclastic sermons with parables to illustrate its different aspects and humor, with irrefutable logic demolishing belief held sacred for centuries. Thousands of men and women, especially the educated, were converted to their way of thinking. In 1974 he created his first commune in Pune.

At that time his fame as a teacher had spread everywhere and foreigners flocked to hear him try meditation systems he had developed and become his disciples Osho had no patience with the ascetics who deprive themselves all the luxuries and inflicted pain on their bodies as part of their religious discipline: a Oeyo religious consider only the man who affirms life . He said: A true man of religion will sense of humor. The Universe is ours, this is our home. You never know what will happen.