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October 9, 2019


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But the experience of not only personal. The company where I worked for a time, different rates of starvation were more than 150 people from them more than 40 people – long courses from 30 to 40 days. Most theoretical training and practical experience have allowed to consult with those who knew little about this amazing process. Their positive results and good reviewers allowed to come to a conclusion about the possibility of consultations through the Internet. It is obvious that many people want to get rid of various diseases, and someone wants to longer preserve youth and health, always remain brisk and cheerful.

I am sure that it is properly conducted course fasting will help solve almost all problems with health. In order to not delay too much of this article – to present the main theses moments. This is the most important things that need to be clearly understood by anyone who actually decided to get healthy the whole body, using the best method for this – fasting: 1. Limotherapy is dry and water. In the first case the body does not receive food or any liquid, even water. In the case of classical, water fasting patient drinks only clear water (better than 2-3 liters per day).

Desirable to use spring or well water. If you do not have them drink distilled. No water from the aqueduct, including boiled do not drink – is "dead" water. Individuals practicing urinovoe starvation, when along with the water use own urine.