The Graphic Design An Essential Tool In The Visual Contact

August 13, 2017


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graphic design sevilla_ the term design defines to the drawing or plane of an idea that we want to develop. The design is not an exact science but an alive methodology. That it interacts with the reality, with the purpose of to show the world, to give another form him and to improve it. To design is an interdisciplinary work. The graphical design Seville is a profession whose main task is to conceive, to project and to develop visual contacts, produced to transmit a determined message, as it is the case of the publicity. At the moment, due to the wild growth of information, the demand of graphical designers is major that never, in particular thanks to the development of the new technologies and Internet. As of 1984, with the appearance of the first systems of auto-edit, the personal computers replaced the analogical systems progressively.

The computers are essential tools, as key piece of the graphical design and like mass media. Thus whereas the production forms have changed and the channels of communication the fundamental concepts have extended, that they allow to understand the human communication us continue being the same. The work of the graphical designer is submitted to the tendencies, are the preferences on the tastes, shared by different groups from people, who, agree when representing a design marked by a style, that influences the rest. Some types of graphical design are: the advertising graphical design, the design Web, the design of corporative identity, the typesetter design, the catalogue design, pamphlets, publications, cartelera, the sealtica or the design multimedia, announcements for radio, press or television, among others. Original author and source of the article