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April 2, 2011


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Index of business confidence retail torgovliustoychivo grows from year to year. Over 5 years – from 2002 to 2006 – it rose from 3 to 11%. So that the Russian retail predstavlyaetsoboy one of the most successful sectors of the Russian economy not only in the current period, but also in the expected future. Opt not to part with "residence permit for Moscow," The emergence of large trading networks creates a need for an equally powerful wholesale suppliers of products. This is particularly true of large non-specialized stores that are physically unable to establish direct ties with the whole mass of producers to ensure the product range. Modern wholesale trade is characterized by increasing complexity structure, which is associated with the expansion of activities, and the growth of channels of commodity and information flows, and the complication of the structural linkages in the economy as a whole.

Annual prirostoborota wholesale trade in real expression reaches 14-15% and its volume is about 20 trillion. Rub. Thus, the internal wholesale trade is developing very rapidly and the rate of growth keeps pace with the retail businesses. The structure of the wholesale or more less uniform, with some dominance of the three pillars. About 22,5% through the sale of fuel, another 20% falls on the sale of food, and just over 17% are neprodovolstvennyetovary. A specific feature of Russian wholesale trade is very weak, its development in the regions. Over 37% of the turnover predpriyatiyopta falls on Moscow, even though the share capital in the retail trade, only 23%.