The Depth

April 19, 2017


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If you want to build a well in the country depth of 40 meters or more, it is preferable to build a well way to build a log house at the top. This form of the well involves the following. Log cabin building up gradually from the top as the distance soil. The bottom frame has a tapered edge, sometimes they are made of steel. At the same time frame itself under its own weight goes down. In order to properly dig a well and eliminate distortions log, it is necessary to undermine the ground simultaneously on all 4's crown. To do this, first dig a hole, put frame and only after that undermine the ground under the log. How to make a pit made of concrete construction pit in the country of concrete.

First – construct a ring mold. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Hikmet Ersek by clicking through. Next – to the top of the ring, which will be located above ground, too, make a temporary mold. Then, to ring well with the time did not fall down is necessary for each ring to score in the bottom four locking pin length – 350mm, diameter – 14 mm. If you build a well in heaving soils, it is necessary to prevent the expulsion in winter most of the upper ring up. To do this at the top two rings, the rings and the ground paved thick polyethylene film.

When swelling soil will slide all over the film, and the rings will be fixed. When all preparations are finished, fill annular space with concrete up to the top of the ring formwork. After 6 – 7 days formwork can be removed and proceed to the next lower ring. After the concreting of the lower ring is removed from the shaft bottom to a depth of 1 – 1.5 meters, pumping out excess water and line the bottom. Then the bottom poured a layer of river sand to 1 – 2 meters and a layer of crushed stone or gravel in 1 – 2 meters. This will provide a natural filtration of water. Where to dig a well you want to dig a well in the country with their hands, everyone knew about the device well, about how to dig a well, but here's the place have not decided yet. So, where to dig a well? The first method, which often use a company engaged in the construction of wells – Dowsing. The essence of the method. The man who able to respond to the surrounding bio, going on their summer cottage, and depending on the amplitude of rotation of the special wire-frame defines the place of "life-giving forces" (underground water). In addition it also defines the place depth. Surprisingly, in most cases, the predictions of these people are coming true. Scientific method is dowsing has no justification, geologists believe these common method quackery. The second method – not a mysterious. He is digging exploratory wells. Still determine the depth of the wells can be communicated with the neighbors. If the water level and depth of wells in your neighborhood is the same, then you have the picture will be similar. Where to dig a well in that case? – Yes, anywhere. Same water level indicates the horizontal water-bearing area. These aquifers may extend to several square kilometers. If close to your area (200 meters – 300) no wells, then dig a well in the first, ie correctly guess where to dig the well would be very difficult.