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January 3, 2021


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Usually you need the database to: customer data to record customized changes to product data to record the contents of the shopping cart to include the integration with other systems to enable acceptance of you credit payments of types of you need the ability to accept credit card payments. You can handle your e-commerce activity also by fax or send you a cheque, please your customers. In such a case, would a lot of customers put off if you allow any credit card payment on the one way or another. Use a secure socket layer. This allows the encryption of data that is exchanged between the customer’s computer and the server. This protects sensitive data such as credit card data from prying eyes. You can your business without working and some will buy even if you, the majority is wary of but to buy something from you, if you encrypted not the icon for a See link in your Web browser. The encryption can be displayed differently depending on the browser.

Use a payment gateway. A payment gateway collects the credit card data (price, customer information, etc.) and performs a kind of fraud check, to make sure that the credit card is not stolen, etc. It will charge the credit card of customer and remit the money to your bank account. Get a merchant account with a merchant account you can take payments by credit card accept. It is a kind of agreement between you and your bank.

Set up a separate corporate account. You need an account, which accepts transfers from the credit card payments. As so often, depend on the respective options and costs the company accounts by the respective Bank. To create a Web page, where you can sell anything, it requires more complex technologies, but can be quite simple in fact. There are solutions that offer such services, and the biggest challenge is to find out what kind of Service you need and then to unite the various components. For more information