Tarot Card Design

June 17, 2019


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In this piece was to investigate different designs of tarot cards. The earliest specimens date from the 15th century, and is what is called Tarot of Marseille. By the 20th century decks arise as we know them today, the Rider Tarot and the Book of Thoth tarot. The history of design as we know it is really fascinating. Christian age, tarot cards known oldest dating from 1418, and were painted by Michelino da Besozzo, for the first book from the one idea-Christian times, as we said "on this issue. The book was written by Marti da Tortona.

The first deck was only 16 figures, very different from what we are used today, and with great memories of Greek mythology. The tarot deck oldest is now available from the year 1440. Milan decks are called by collectors Brera-Brambrilla and Cary-Yale-Tarocchi. The author of such works remains anonymous. For a long time tarot cards were considered a privilege the upper classes, being only possible to find them in possession of Italian dukes and other members of the nobility. Do not forget that the movement of this material was quite limited, mainly because of the existence of the Inquisition, which condemned any card game, seeing it as linked to the Devil. The Marseilles Tarot cards appear only toward the end of the seventeenth century.

The most common of these tarot cards, artistically speaking, is the Rider-Waite-Smith. This design was composed in 1910 by Arthur Edward Waite, and carried out by his disciple, Pamela Colman Smith. Waite was an occultist American, born in 1857 and died in 1942. This deck of tarot cards was printed by the Rider company, so it is also known as Rider tarot. In 1938 the magician Aleister Crowley, English as Waite, devised another deck, his disciple Frieda Harris conducted. First impressions of these tarot cards were in black and white, until finally in 1977 was published with color original. This Tarot is called the Book of Thoth. The order of the arcana of the tarot cards is not set, but it usually takes this order: 1. Le Bateleur or The Wizard 2. The Papesse o o Popess Priestess 3. L'Imperatrice or The Empress 4. L'Empereur and The Emperor 5. Le Pape or The Pope or The High Priest 6. L'Amoureux or The Lovers 7. Le Chariot or The Chariot 8. The Justice or Justice in September. L'Hermite or The Hermit 10. La Roue Fortune or The Wheel of Fortune 11. The Force or the Force 12. Le Pendu or The Hanged Man 13. L'Arcane sans nom o Arcane no name: La Mort, or Death 14. Temperance and Temperance 15. Le Diable, or The Devil 16. La Maison Dieu and La Torre or the House of God 17. L'Etoile and La Estrella 18. La Lune and La Luna 19. Le Soleil or The Sun 20. Le Jugement or The Judgement 21. Le Monde, El Mundo The secret of Le Mat The Fool has no number assigned.