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Los Felines

March 11, 2014


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In nature they can find an endless number of creatures that thanks to their physical appearance and characteristics that accompany them immediately they cause great impression and in many cases they can cause fear, since his figures are so stunning and its image so fierce that anyone would feel very intimidated. In accordance with the above, one of the animals found in nature and which with their physical characteristics fits perfectly between those large animals that cause fear people and such animal is Tiger, which thanks to their image of fierce animal and large proportions of his body, is considered an animal which should be afraid. Entering more background on Tiger, it is an animal that is only found on the Asian continent in a wild manner, but it can be found in many other places in the world in captivity, since in many zoos they can find easily a tiger, in a State of captivity his image is not so fierce, it is more a great attraction is to observe the beautiful Tigerknowing that danger of being there is no part of their diet. The Tiger is a predator Carnivore, which is another element that makes it fearsome for people, in addition to this, the Tiger is the felid mas grande del mundo, is both its large size, which can be compared with great ease with fossils of cats from ancient times. When referring to Tiger, is can be talking about any 6 subspecies that exist of Tiger, among which are: the Bengal tiger: the Tiger also known as the Royal Tiger or Indian Tiger, which is found in the India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar, in areas that most like to inhabitin wet forests, but can also be seen him in sheets, is should bear in mind that the Bengal tiger, is that there are more number of copies.

The Indochina Tiger: the Tiger lies in Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Viet Nam. The Malayan Tiger: only found in the eastern part of the peninsula of Malacca, this subspecies, it was not considered as such but until the year 2004. Tiger Sumatra: found only on the Indonesian island of sumatra, usually so seen in national parks, something interesting in this subspecies, is that his genetic makeup places him almost out of spice, i.e. that it is almost a species different from the rest of the subspecies. The Amur tiger: also known as Tiger Siberian, typical of the Amur region, on the eastern tip of siberia, this is the type of Tiger more it grane in the world. South China Tiger: these Tigers are only found in zoos in china, currently efforts are being made for the reintroduction to their natural habitat. It is very true that the Tiger with his image can be very dangerous, but in reality the true being to cause fear is the human, which has led to this animal close to extinction in a constant House, to get the skin and other parts of the Tiger only to satisfy a few vagaries of people, so the today the Tiger is found more in captivity than in their wild lifethat the hand of man has caused Tiger to reach almost to the extinction. Original author and source of the article