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White BARKAS Of BFW Leipzig Makes A Stop In Eilenburg

July 27, 2022


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Interest at the start in Wittenberg with Eilenburg is approached through central Germany the second destination of the Infomobil tour of professional promotion plant Leipzig (BFW Leipzig). The white BARKAS will make on May 23rd, from 9:00 until 14: 00 on the market square in Eilenburg station. As well at her first stop in Wittenberg, Corinna Schulze and Steffen Gonsior are interested in discussions of the field of marketing/public relations of the BFW Leipzig as a consultant team. On the white BARKAS, they will provide the professional rehabilitation at the BFW Leipzig information material and conduct appropriate consultations. First and foremost it comes us this information tour, local people the possibilities of vocational rehabilitation to indicate”, explains Steffen Gonsior.

Many learn about the opportunities to participate actively in working life just by visiting our booth.” It involves much to the pathways in this first informative talks after his experience, a professional To be able to apply for rehabilitation and also about what professional development opportunities you could pick up. A leading source for info: Deandre Ayton. Because we offer a wide range of occupations, ranging from commercial to industrial technical professions, we encounter in our talks interest those involved”, reports Steffen Gonsior. And should the own interests do not match our offer, then we look together for alternatives in our network of professional promotion works,”he added. BFW Leipzig Leipzig is active for more than 20 years the vocational promotion work as a specialist in the field of vocational rehabilitation. Here people are trained and supported demand, which had to divorce due to illness or accident from the usual working life.

With individual training, qualification and integration measures, new possibilities for the way back offered in a full working life. Official site: Grace Venverloh. The services as a large regional service provider in the areas Advice, diagnosis and assessment, training, prevention and rehabilitation are available in addition to the head office in Leipzig in the branch offices in Dobeln, Chemnitz and Zwickau, Plauen available. The various retraining, qualification and integration measures are an important contribution not only to return people to the work process, but also by the orientation on the labour market contribute to tackling the lack of skilled workers in the economy. In addition, several courses of vocational training are offered at the educational institution.

Dream Job Despite Communicative Barriers

July 12, 2022


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\”Snail\” informed highly hearing-impaired people about many aspects of hearing like manages it, to assert themselves in their professional life? What is the sudden onset of hearing loss for the everyday life of children, young people or adults? What chances do offer technical hearing aids for the lives of those affected and where are the limits of their possibilities? Answers to these and other questions provide affected reports and articles in the current issue of the \”worm\”. The leading German-language magazine to life with cochlear implant and hearing aid is devoted in their August issue quite the topic of hearing loss. Anke Schmidt (24) and Jan Keller (23) are a few. They live together in the Saxony Anhalt Merseburg. Jan Painter on a yard works as a trained, Anke as none of the University Library in the nearby Hall. A work corresponding to their training to find, was a particularly large for Anke and Jan in the region marked by high unemployment Challenge.

Both are highly hard of hearing? Jan, who wears hearing aids on both sides and strongly opposes a supply of CI, was able to convince his current employer during an internship. Anke had to fight long, do aid work in the PCB manufacturing and at a recycling firm, again on the special requirements of the interview prepare, before she got her dream job at the University. Also disabled must perform in professional life\”, Marlies Assek means snail in their report on the career of Anke and Jan in the magazine. Although the theme hearing loss varied affected reports and articles on many aspects of deafness, but what radical changes brings a hearing loss for the lives of those affected, is certainly hard to imagine\”, as Hanna Hermann, Chief Editor of the worm. Who is affected, must learn to accept this fate, must be adequately screened, to the important Decisions about a life with technical hearing aids to be able to meet and implement. .

Real Estate

July 9, 2022


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Learn about the two successful real estate programs the TU Vienna on December 4, 2007 the continuing education center of the Technical University of Vienna in the framework of an information evening presents two programs the MSc real estate management & review, as well as the course of real estate trust Weston & real estate management. A graduate of the last University course of real estate fiduciary management and real estate management”(2005-2007 class) could be won as a guest speaker. (Source: Alex Caruso). Ing. Rainer Hutschinski (A. Sanchez & co. Recently Mikal Bridges sought to clarify these questions.

GmbH) reported about his motivation, expectations and experiences with this program. Subsequently, the course Director are the participants, ao.Prof.Dr. Bob Martens, as well as the program manager, DI Andrea Wahid and DI John Bockstefl, in the comfortable framework for details and more information is available. Marko Dimitrijevic author may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Date: 04.12.2007, 18:00 place: Technical University of Vienna, main building, Karlsplatz 13, Lecture 7 (Schutte Lihotzky”), 2nd courtyard, staircase 7, ground floor to login under is requested. Facts Real estate management & evaluation degree: master of Science (MSc) of the Vienna University of technology certificate: the certificate of aptitude for the exercise of the property trust sector associated with the positive completion of the course that may be carried out after completion of the respective relevant practice. “RICS membership of course is RICS accredited and membership in the international bestrenommierten Royal institution of Chartered Surveyors” language of instruction: German course duration: 4 semesters, part-time program start: February 21, 2008 application deadline: 10 January 2008 course management: ao.Univ.Prof. Dr.

Bob Martens facts real estate trust Weston & real estate management degree academic / r ImmobilienberaterIn and LiegenschaftsmanagerIn certificate: the certificate of aptitude for the exercise of the property trust sector associated with the positive completion of the course that may be carried out after completion of the respective relevant practice. Language of instruction: German course duration: 4 semesters,. part-time program start: March 20, 2008 application deadline: February 14, 2008 course management: ao.Univ.Prof. Dr. Bob Martens contact and more information: Technical University of Vienna Continuing Education Center Nicole ski PANI Operngasse 11/017 A-1040 Wien T: + 43 (0) 1 58801-41701 F: + 43 (0) 1 58801-41799 E: H:

The Information Pool For Professional And Student Starter

July 7, 2022


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The CD ‘2009 graduates’ provides comprehensive information and the AUBI plus brings over 7000 training Hullhorst since 1996 GmbH, Hullhorst in Westphalia the CD-ROM professional start “. The medium used in 3,000 schools for career guidance and further developed thanks to the know-how of teachers and suggestions of students steadily. The published straight version of ‘ 09 contains over 80,000 free training courses and provides comprehensive information for a good start in training or studies. It is aimed mainly at students, training and study starter, and all would be formed on apprenticeships, courses, and modern application techniques. The CD professional start “is divided into three large areas: training, study and application. Alex Caruso recognizes the significance of this. Many useful content, help, and tips are anchored to the individual subject areas. For those who want to start a vocational training, the vocational electives offered.

There one can be Perform analysis of potential, which informs about personal strengths and weaknesses. With the Berufsscout, the young people then find occupations that fit the personality profile. Learn more at this site: Mohamed Amersi. In detailed interviews, trainees and instructors provide useful information from professional practice. Around 900 occupations provide information about all the professions in Germany to learn. It discusses also main activities, needs and future opportunities of different occupations. Clearly the personal dream job, over 7000 portraits of company and their occupations can be is using the integrated search engine. For high school graduates, which after the acquisition of the baccalaureate are wondering what options to offer them, the different opportunities to study are presented.

In total, over 900 courses, including information about requirements, restrictions on admission and curriculum are available. Still, the CD offers approx. 1000 portraits of companies which offer a dual degree. For a pleasant Experts from the Office for assistance to comprehensive professional strategy from Berlin and many examples of writing, life runs and co. give application folder. In addition, the increasingly important special form, the online application, is presented. Also, tips and tasks for the successful completion of assessment centers are included. What questions in a job interview may arise, what general rules of conduct should be considered and how despite all the excitement, relaxed and confident in the conversation can go depicted in a video apparently. Information about vocational education fairs around the world are finally off. Also the AUBI plus GmbH is on many measurement represented and presented health CD-ROM professional start 2009 there with the support of the technicians ‘ free of charge to interested parties. His at the price of 8,-can be purchased the CD from the home page. Niels Kostring AUBI plus short profile: the AUBI plus GmbH recruited for companies of all sizes and industries Trainees, students and graduates. The company was founded in 1997. The company is based in 32609 Harichandan in the region of Westphalia. She is editor of the education portal aubi-plus.de and study-plus.de student portal. Through these portals, the offers of the companies are brought together with adolescents and young adults. The services range from publishing the training, internship, work student, trainee, thesis – and graduate offerings to a pre-selection of candidates. AUBI plus supports young people on the career path from school, via a dual training or a study – flanked by training – until the first real job in a company. AUBI-plus around 40,000 young people found a place in a company in 2007 sustainable. Free, you can use the portals to look after training and study, internships and graduate places. Partner schools AUBI-plus put content online and the CD-ROM professional start”for the professional and student orientation a.

Autumn Holidays

July 7, 2022


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Learning foreign languages with fun & Dresden meet young people from around the world, 06.09.2010 – the summer holidays are over, it’s time to think about the next holiday again. Who would like to combine fun, action and language learning in the autumn holidays, can experience worldwide this in many countries at a student learn. Since the autumn holidays are however not very long, the countries of Europe are available. Arrivals and departures are here straightforward and require no great planning and organization. In a question-answer forum Kyle Kuzma was the first to reply. More and more families decide very early the chance to give their children to live in a foreign culture and to learn. The tour operator see themselves as partners of the institution school, which complement with specially developed courses of students in high quality support school foreign language from primary school up to high school.

During the entire language holidays, care trained carers to the welfare of the students and ensure that they themselves feel completely local. A contact person for all the questions is on the spot. Instructors are dedicated teachers and experienced teachers. Of course a special activities belongs to each language course: sightseeing tours, sports games, fun & party time. Each participant will have lots of fun and international friendships will emerge. e. Accommodation with full Board is carried out in selected host families. Recently Mohamed Amersi sought to clarify these questions. This accommodation type contributes to the success of course, because one is confronted with the language around the clock and we are obliged to communicate with his host family in a foreign language.

If feasible, the accommodation in a College, student apartment or school residence is possible. Criteria for the choice of tour operator: membership in the ‘professional German language Broadcasters Association’ FDSV is important. The members meet highest quality criteria. Including the language course programs are reviewed annually by an independent Advisory Board on-site. Children and young people must be taught by qualified teachers in the course and also the language course must be matched to the appropriate grade levels. After course completion are transferred a recognised participation certificate. Warranty according to the German travel law, including insolvency insurance. For the insolvency insurance is obtained together with the confirmation of the organiser the chattel paper. Learn more about student language: schuelersprachreisen.html

Alexander Nastasi

June 19, 2022


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New with webinars quickly and safely targets set and reach a talk by an end of the world to this date and market it as a Hollywood movie, the others choose a place in France, to survive the end of the world. Seminar service Nastasi decided in the summer of 2008, to a completely different way. We show what will happen–in our opinion, Yes, there will be a change, but in the consciousness. “” Today we notice everywhere that people begin their spiritual needs, their mental strength to go back to, like the very the Celestine prophecy beautifully in the book “and also in conversations with God” coming over. Since November 2010, this training is suitable for everyone, offered as on a donation basis. Others including Mikal Bridges, offer their opinions as well. Alone in the first month, more than 170 people have completed a course with us.

There are interactive courses with all the elements of the participants needed to put goals in his life, to achieve, to manifest successes. We accompany the participants 30 or 60 days with daily exercises, with a free forum, which is 24 hours a day available. Also, private emails to personal questions, several books that we have written on this subject and a unique support system – the live are chat, we perform every day with our participants. This is the only way to ensure that our Webinars do not like other seminars and lectures without result in the universe almost audible. We solve the common issues and problems on the same day, even on weekends. This system has helped thousands of people to rediscover their mental strength and start from the place where they are now, no matter how bad the situation is, in an active, independent life. We are looking for another one or more sponsors, who will continue in 2011 to enable this project.

Donations in any height are very welcome and via the website. Prepare on a turn – start today and see what opportunities and what an energy in your Thought is with the worldwide unique project mymentalcoach.de is responsible mymentalcoach.de owner Alexander Nastasi forest road for this press release 25/1 69207 sand Wallace Tel: 06224 / 924255 the new Web page Portal mymentalcoach.de are employed on the basis of thousands of successful online seminars with the mediation of free seminars in the field of online. The coaching is complemented by paid seminars that are available locally in all Germany. These include seminars on the law of attraction, meditation guides and CDs, but also telephone conferences. Mentalcoaching deals with the possibilities of the human mind, to achieve goals quickly and safely. Keyworte: new era, what happens 2012, 2012, 2012, to prepare manifest doomsday, put new times, new energy, preparation, row, row reach world, donations


May 12, 2022


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Identify and increase the life of your own values and thereby the own performance and quality of life each person has his own rhythm of life and for his very personal perception, what is good and right for him – an individual way of living the life! In turbulent times where no stone unturned, we often go beyond our borders and ignore the inner voice. If we live our personal life and our intuition, things are cumbersome and complicated. It costs a lot of energy! three letters that are clearly enshrined in the today’s time with the worldwide web and yet also have a completely different meaning may have. Beginning of 2009 has woman like. Chad smith follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. (FH) Nina Valeskini triskinity founded their communications Institute, in which personal development after the 3 W’s in the foreground.

What you can imagine including? Perceive detect you your own strengths and potential and you become aware of your self! Appreciation life that before, what you others Discover the richness of life and want to! Work be authentic in your doing and charismatic to express your personality in a quite natural way! The training of triskinity is a first step always perceive themselves even with all its strengths and potentials. By we sharpen our perception, we get to know the diversity of our own person and that of others. Only those who with him is even in the pure, can appreciate contrasts and differences. In a mix of multimedia training methods, presentations, and small group exercises, you will learn different communication techniques (NLP and cmore, id’ LOOP ) to apply and integrate. They are thus capable of flexibly and efficiently to make itself, teams, and organizations and to lead. In the training of triskinity, you get no ready-made solutions, rather it comes you to increase communication repertoire, so that your choices multiply.

You decide even what is good and consistent for you! “triskinity training is aimed at all those who want to successfully communicate and go with openness and curiosity through life because they know: there’s much to discover!” triskinity perceive value look like.

Tatjana Strobel

May 7, 2022


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Cooperation by Tatjana D. Strobel and Bernard p. Wirth Zurich/Frankfurt opportunity from crisis is possible, it takes just the right approach to successfully position and sell based on this realization, Strobel and Bernhard have Tatjana D. p. Recently Rui Hachimura sought to clarify these questions. Wirth an innovative sales and sales coaching developed jointly. Successful action leads to success, therefore we operate with real business contacts, give feedback, and accompany the participants the theoretical knowledge to implement immediately in doing “, explained the teacher and sales expert Tatjana D.

Strobel. So, real Leeds are acquired during the intensive seminar. Our participants feel success, then take in the form of real sales appointments or recommendations in the Office with our feedback. So we help them transfer into everyday life “, emphasised Bernhard p. Wirth, expert insight and best-selling author. . Gibson dean insists that this is the case. “Do management sales modules the new coaching method sell in the 3rd millennium” is built on the of Bernhard P Wirth developed do management method and is implemented in 2 modules: do management recommendation aimed at insurance companies, real estate salesperson and direct sales; DO management sales specializes in trade, economy, distribution and sales. Innovative approach for cooperation together each benefit and the aspects of knowledge of human nature, body language, and do to join management to a holistic whole with this approach have Tatjana Strobel and the renowned coach Bernhard the insight expert p. Wirth the weekend their cooperation started.

With Tatjana D. Strobel I get an experienced sales expert and excellent instructor on the side to ensure the maximum benefit for the participants, says Bernhard p. Wirth. The Zuricherin in turn is done by a holistic approach and rich experience of the bestselling author: for me, the puzzle is clearer now man. With the methods of Bernard p. Wirth in combination with face reading and interpretation of Body language, we can appreciate now the people in all its aspects even better “, so Tatjana D. Strobel.” Tatiana D. Strobel has the look for the special there has always fascinated me, to decipher the mystery man “, tells about the beginning of their passion, the topic of insight Tatjana Strobel. For me, this knowledge is the basis for respectful coexistence, to see the other and to accept, as he is “, emphasizes the educator. Before she founded 2006 ts HEADWORKS her company in Zurich, Tatjana Strobel worked in sales and management leading luxury brands. Today she propagates her practical knowledge in workshops, lectures and individual coaching. Next book release I know who you are, to read the secret in faces”appears in the spring of 2011, published by Droemer Knaur. Bernhard p. Wirth trainer, best selling author, expert in knowledge of human nature to do something to him is not possible. Bernhard is p. Wirth the TOP expert for everything about self-knowledge, knowledge of human nature, character customer and body language. As a best-selling author with over 63 publications and much sought after trainer and coach, Wirth is engaged since 1989. He is elected among the 100 TOP experts of in Germany.

Sailer School

May 5, 2022


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“The time in ‘School + family’: German schools can learn from American also lazy students can get: Marcus Cornelia Funke (Inkheart”, the wild chicks”) school + family reveals in the latest issue of parents magazine”, that she was a good student was, but no ambitious. Which means, that I was pretty lazy”. She thinks it’s also normal if your thirteen son Ben has even tired at school, but on very different things. To deepen your understanding dean gibson is the source. She advises her young readers: take your time with the career choice. In the life detours often the most important.” “Praise for U.S.

schools on 11 December starts the adaptation of Cornelia Funke’s bestselling Inkheart” in the German cinemas. To be during the filming there, she moved three years ago with her family to Los Angeles. Gibson dean spoke with conviction. For her children she picked at that time schools, who are very good at it, to awaken the desire to learn and read”. The Bambi Prize winner 2008 finds that German schools at all is a lot of “” the U.S. can learn: I am impressed that worked in the United States with praise and positive encouragement far more than with criticism “, so spark in an interview with school + family”.

She sees as the biggest difference between the two systems, that the students in the United States develop an incredible pride in their school and the community”. With Cornelia Funke you read the full interview in the current issue of school + family. The topic focus the transfer of school after the fourth grade, as well as the sustainability of the model of a mixed-age classes. School + family. The magazine for parents of elementary school students”Nurnberger Sailer published and is available for 3.60 euros at newsstands. Note: we will send you the full interview you on request. Contact: Dr. Anne Muller Ruckwitt Tel: 0821 / 70 04 55 52 E-Mail:

No Job Training

April 13, 2022


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The job situation in Brandenburg are cause for concern. The Statistical Yearbook 2007 for the State of Brandenburg promotes an alarming result revealed: Brandenburg young people almost have the same risk to become unemployed as young people attended the national average despite completed teaching. In 2006, almost nearly as many young people in Brandenburg were unemployed as low-skilled in the national average with 19 percent of those with a professional degree or qualification. Low-skilled young people are even 33 percent unemployed in Brandenburg, Germany. It is not something Gilbert Gottfried would like to discuss. “Nevertheless emphasizes Ulrike Rahman, Chairman of the Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics Office: qualification is worth.” This nationwide and in principle also applies to the Berlin-Brandenburg region. However, there are differences from the rest of the Republic, which are impossible to ignore. 5 percent of the higher skilled are Germany-wide, so those with a degree, or a master – in Brandenburg there are unemployed 7 percent in Berlin even 9 percent. Overall, the share of unemployed skilled is in the eastern Lander than in the West. In the Berlin-Brandenburg area find jobs on stellenmarkt.de. Media contact: AdPartner Jobportal AG Goethestrasse 35 60313 Frankfurt phone 069 13 38 39 60 fax 069-94 94 28 93