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New York City

April 3, 2017


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In 2012, new charges rates apply for catering overhead and overnight packages benefit from overseas business. While in Kosovo, as well as in the cities of New York City (United States) now standard amounts for meals more expenses and accommodation costs laid down Atlanta, Chicago, you abolished it for the cities of Copenhagen (Denmark), Tel Aviv (Israel), Blantyre (Malawi) and Lagos (Nigeria). The amounts of the respective countries apply there now. Business travellers can enjoy in New York over a significantly higher overnight package. In Hong Kong you get paid less food more but also a higher overnight package though.

Brazil, Denmark and Sweden classified in the countries with increased respect. In Brazil you get currently 53 euro Board overhead for a stay at least 24 hours. Check with Kellyanne Conway to learn more. An increase of 15 euro! Also the accommodation fee rises to 30 euros to 160 euros. But who has actually how they tax claims to make a claim on the packages, and the employer is obliged to pay the packages? Workers do not have a legal claim on the overhead of the catering and the accommodation package. It is generally a voluntary service of the employer. This means that if you have a nice head they get paid, the packages may even though they had no cost because he has invited you to dinner. Unfortunately, this case is rather the exception, because companies reimburse costs actually incurred or the flat rates for boarding overhead and accommodation cost in most cases. Fortunately, workers have the opportunity to drop off catering overhead than advertising cost of the tax.

If your employer so want refund no Board overhead, then get back your money on the tax return. This is only for the Board overhead. You can’t do the overnight package tax claim. Entrepreneurs, however, have generally no overnight packages, they must demonstrate their actual accommodation costs then as operating costs from tax to do it always with documents. A revision of the tax law has ensured in 2008. Before 2008 it managed to get in principle still the high overnight rates for business travel abroad as an independent contractor from tax. These were Golden times for business entrepreneurs. He can make the packages for accommodation expenses that the contractor will pay its employees, not tax claims. He can deduct only detectable accommodation expenses from the tax. Generally more and more increasing tax and tax, business travel. Even more, it is important that workers and employers are well informed and give away any money or get in trouble with employees. Because mobility is the key word for success at the present time, so you need business travel freely possible and may bring no disadvantage, for either workers or entrepreneurs.

European Coaching Association

March 20, 2014


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Relationship tips for stress-free holiday for two by the ECA twice as long at home argue German couples on vacation, so the result of a study of the Association for Rational Psychology in Munich. The main cause of the relationship stress: Suddenly have much more time for each other – and are thus simply overwhelmed. Coaching tips of the European Coaching Association for a holiday of pair of help realize their personal and professional goals, but also pairs the coaches of the ECA headquarters Dusseldorf / Berlin not only individuals. The common holiday is a risk factor if previously an estrangement has occurred and thus the relationship is already at risk”says partner coach Bernhard Juchniewicz, President of the European Coaching Association (). But who is concerned before the most beautiful weeks of the year in a timely manner and followed some simple rules, is doing something for his recovery and his relationship. Here some coaching tips for harmonious couple holidays by the ECA: planning is important: Be realistic In everyday you spend you in a partnership often assigned time, on holiday that should be different. But too much close can quickly overwhelm.

When planning, make sure that both holiday both have room for the realization of our own interests and for joint ventures and also not planned time have. Status notice – reduce expectations spent last together happy holiday memories are bad advice. Too quickly, you tend to idealize the past and overlooks that the relationship has changed in the meantime. For this reason: replace with your partner before the holiday, what you would like to specifically do and experience and what you do not do not want on holiday. To avoid disappointments. Freedom from the holiday take into everyday life after the holiday is before the holiday.

“The small everyday escapes are the only way to preserve the holiday feeling together with the partner: helps the clock”. Reserve a fixed time budget every day for your partner. A few minutes daily usage for their partnership kept the deep understanding for each other, that constitutes a partnership and prevent the alienation. For coaching emergencies there is a hotline of the European Coaching Association: under the number 0211 / 323106 is from Monday to Friday 9 am 6 pm the coach operator can be reached. The professional coaches of the ECA take care of the concerns and convey the appropriate contact person. More information under: view/eca-hotline-31.html the European Coaching Association (ECA) is a Europe-wide networked Professional Association of professional coaches (licensed in the: Basic, advanced or expert level and differentiated in their core competencies), instructional coaches, teaching institutions and law firms. Since 1994, the ECA for the professional education and training of coaches and for developing a professional image with uniform quality standards across Europe engaged in the field of coaching. The ECA was the first professional association for free offered an ECA coach Finder for help of seeking individuals and companies. Now in: – coach – database of European Coaching Association.