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Russian Premises

April 14, 2014


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Building with a ceiling height not less than 6 feet can be not only one, but two-storey (subject to sufficient number of freight elevators / lifts capacity of not less than 3 tons). Because the differences between such warehouses on the category "A" is minimal, the scope of virtually the same. In addition, complexes are a class B in many Russian regions are much more in demand due to the relatively low rental rates for comparable quality. The class "C" refer converted capital production premises or insulated hangars with a ceiling height of 4 meters Floor – asphalt or concrete without a dust cover. There are legacy systems, ventilation, heating and fire suppression. Unloading is performed directly in premises, which are equipped with gates for commercial traffic. This class of storage is not suitable for online processing and storage of food and other consumer goods. But can be applied to storage components, construction and industrial products.

Finally, the low-budget Class D – it is unheated basement or warehouse-type hangar. Floor or ground or cement, and therefore the use of special loading and unloading equipment difficult. The premises are not equipped with racks, therefore, can store only one layer – directly on the floor. Such premises are suitable only for Storage goods are not demanding conditions of storage – the raw material for industrial production of fuels and lubricants, metal products. Needs and capabilities of Logic dictates that companies should prefer high-quality warehouse space, providing for more expeditious processing of the goods and keeping them in optimal conditions.