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Coaching Staff: General

October 27, 2010

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Surely more than once you’ve heard this term and has upset you so you decided not to listen / read what you were told about it. It may be possible, has a name quite technical and, for some reason, makes us think of exhibitors, skills and never-ending talks. I must confess that initially I was also dam of these unpleasant sensations, but as I was aware of what was really, I was increasingly interested, and found that its practice can radically change our lives. So I’d like to share a little of what I discovered about personal coaching, or the art of training the mind. The term personal coaching a was coined in the U.S.. States, in sport and fully translated, means a personal training. This is key, since it is precisely what we do if we want to achieve wellness in our lives: TRAINING. This does not mean that we should jogging every morning, make a number of exercises with weights or four laps to give the Olympic swimming pool every day, what we have to TRAIN IS OUR MIND. A mind that is not exercised, or is not willing, will never leave its parameters and, therefore, can never lead to happiness and welfare. Do you feel dissatisfied or satisfied by the life you lead? “DO YOU FEEL UNABLE TO MEET YOUR GOALS OR SIMPLY lack them? RETHINKING WANT YOUR LIFE BUT LITTLE BY Da “NDEA BEGIN? If you ask how are you, or the like, I have been around for the head, then it might be a good idea to resort to personal coaching, then you begin to train your mind to make the changes you require.