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In Magi

January 14, 2020


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I ask all of the Slavs reflect on what has been said, be vigilant, to try to understand the proposed self-knowledge, do not blindly believe everything they say and authoritative people in any case not cultivate pride and hatred. Not there is righteous or unrighteous anger. There is anger that is a product of pride. Our enemy is not outside but within us. And we must not create it, and put down.

Just put down the pride in himself, the person has the chance to Veda. AND just knowing you can change the world around you. Your weapon is knowledge, not anger and hatred. Anger and fear – it's weapon against yourself – do not be zombies, you think in your mind. As detect movements of the heads of the Slavic front of people? It is not difficult. I will tell you this image of the Magi, nymphs, healers.

Try it on those who call themselves these great naming: This magician, Sage, healer – a man who knows the structure of the universe who reveals himself in the ability to change yourself and the world. Only fully developed person is capable of reaching such a level. In Magi, nymphs or healer is always healthy, strong, toned body. He leads a healthy lifestyle (do not consume alcohol, not smoking, not eating meat, poultry and fish). Balanced, friendly, open, honest, has a strong voice and bright eyes. We are such a person fascinates people, because he has a great spirit that permeates the soul of the listener. Charge of people do not get sick and seek to impart their knowledge to all those who are willing to accept them. They are great teachers and mentors. If you give the knowledge, make it so that people understand where a knowledge of the legs grow. These people will never speak ill of others, not to sow discord among the people and turn them against anyone. Refer to this modern Magi way, but their words with deeds and the reality – you know how much they are true. Try to feel these people, talk to them. So, you can easily understand that these people and what purpose they pursue their action. Source: Website of revival of Vedic culture of the Slavs