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Untrained Secretary

December 26, 2017


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It shows a woman without any training that has failed both at work and in their married life. To this is added to the injustice of a trial for an accident he suffered. He feels betrayed and ignored. However, despite all this, it is passion, emotion and courage. That's all you need to lift their three children later. (He became Miss State). Work will get out of compassion or guilt, the lawyer who fails to make the court case later.

Therefore an untrained secretary is not expected much, not even be a good secretaria.a that addresses just phone calls, organize files and meet the administrative demands of their jobs. That would have been so consistent, rational favoring the practice of the office for which he contratada.a But it is Erin's personal characteristics that make change that social construction of thought within the company. Erin idea is equipped with ideas and feelings, ability to be open to ideas and feelings of others and sharing their own, ability to experiment and take risks interpersonal skills to help others to have ideas of their own, the ability to help others to open, and the ability to help us experience. That is, we have what Goleman called bear a high emotional intelligence, and worthy of praise in an organization this being characteristic of a leader with a wide measure of discretion, and activity. Although we could do another reading and individual psycho: a woman who apparently had lost everything that is reflected in misery, suffering and neglect that this population is to become the Joan of Arc a "the savior – of all values.