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European Economic Association

December 21, 2017


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The Spanish society of primary care physicians and the European Association of Economics and Econometrics upcoming its congresses in Malaga, generating 11 million euros in the capital.More than 7,500 Congressmen in Malaga in August and September as well it announced tourism responsible for the Capital of the Costa del Sol, indicating that he is dating a world far-reaching in its sector and filled the hotels in Malaga with a large number of overnight stays of visitors with a high spending power. Thus, between 27 and 31 August, the Faculty of telecommunications of the University of Malaga will host the celebration of annual Congress XXVII of the European Economic Association, meeting that coincides with the sixty-sixth European Meeting of the Econometric Society (EEA-EESEM). These encounters will bring the city more than 1,500 participants. On the other hand, between 26 and 29 September, the Palace of fairs and congresses (FYCMA) will host the thirty-fourth edition of the National Congress of the society Spanish for primary care physicians (Semergen), which will be attended by 6,000 people. In this way, the city of Malaga is consolidating within the circuit of receiving cities of congresses, as one of the major destinations of the country thanks to the significant achievements of capturing large events being developed by Malaga Convention Bureau, the organ of the tourism Area for building and the promotion of the business segment.