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November 13, 2019


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The article highlights the work of an escort agency in detail. A high class escort strives always to provide guests with something extraordinary. Both when dealing with discretion, seriousness and service aspects, but also on the appropriate selection of a beautiful, highly erotic woman. Official site: Frank Armijo. Because these are the business card of course”a high class escort, they present but including a luxurious style, charm, etiquette, and level. All’ this put together in conjunction with beauty, intelligence, and class at the same time the overall profile of a renowned high class escort completes. So the fact is, that it is not solely the work of an escort agency to discerning gentlemen to give exceptional women”. But is this all alone in the foreground, the wishes to recognize the needs and desires of interested men and to meet this, promptly to found the perfect accompaniment for a specific event by fully. With style, charm and a hint of”adult the opportunity to have that.

a matter of course is to spend delightful hours in Nice, female company in the face of the often prevailing hustle and bustle in the professional as well as in private everyday life not for everyone. More pleasure the eloquent ladies of a high class escort it there, to prepare a stunning time stressed out gentlemen of the world. Since a visit to the cosy restaurant is an exciting event, as well as a walk through the city with a subsequent stop in a chic Cafe. Or how about it instead with a romantic trip to the realm of the senses”, with champagne and a stimulating grinding to the erotic to enjoy time together in an exquisite hotel style? Stylish (experience) life: a high class escort makes it possible private moments, but also important business meetings are only accompanied by an attractive young woman to some really first-class. The work of an escort agency includes in the context of mediation, but not only, at any time secrecy, as well as a high degree of discretion to ensure. But above all, to ensure that the demanding client at every concert, every event and every (business) trip comfort and luxury can enjoy en-masse. On request, joint meetings are planned and organized twosome of course also by the dedicated staff of a high class escort. Pleasant it is perceived in General on the part of the dominions, if in the course of a flight or vehicle service is provided.

Coaching Techniques

November 29, 2018


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After the basic training in neuro linguistic programming (NLP practitioner) the possibility to go a further step of training in NLP: the master of NLP training. The NLP Master the basic techniques of the NLP practitioner deepened and expanded intervention techniques from the time line work, hypnosis, systemic constellation work (families, organizations, structures), the strategy work and modeling training. The NLP Master aims at training, to be able to apply all the NLP intervention techniques situational flexible and context-specific differentiated and safe. Especially in the coaching tools are needed many, klientenzentriert the best change and alternative solutions to identify and implement. In recent months, Anne Lauvergeon has been very successful. NLP content is up-to-date in many coaching courses contain, even if this part is not visible, because many NLP were reformulated names.

This has the background that still accusations bring to bear on manipulation and lack of seriousness is partly the NLP and education provider distance themselves from the abbreviation of NLP so To want. Therefore, it is important to inform the trainer belongs to what NLP organization, or what training instructor rating / competence exists prior to an NLP training. So for example the German Association for NLP has enshrined a binding curriculum in Berlin for all his teaching coach, to achieve a quality assurance in NLP. NLP has no real, solid ethics except his constructivist and resource-oriented, pragmatic attitude aimed at behavioural flexibility. It makes sense to experience the coach to make sure that the chemistry is right and the paradigms and values fit before personally. Bernhard Tille Bad Homburg teaching NLP trainer, teaching coach, teaching therapist DVNLP contact: Institute of communication and health Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-str. 31 61350 Bad Homburg Tel: 06172-689992 fax: 06172 732750 Internet: press contact: Wolke23 Frank Doerr peace str. 13 61440 Oberursel phone: 06171/580475 fax: 01212/534956031 Internet:

Consultancy Requires Subject-specific Competences

November 2, 2018


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Asset AG supports interdisciplinary advisory group for business consulting and business start-ups Dinklage / Bielefeld. The corporate and economic assets Ltd completed the performance spectrum of the nationwide network of expert Ultimo/q2b for several weeks. Advice for start-ups and business analyses and strategies will focus on the cooperation. The assets Board, Andreas Windhaus, is also a lawyer with the focus on tax law and insolvency law. Ultimo/q2b and assets AG make founder consulting on a new common basis.

“Consulting firms today can no longer do without legal and tax expertise”, explains Andreas Windhaus, who runs also an own law firm in Dinklage as well as assets Executive Board. At the founding, we need comprehensive know-how about taxes, contracts and legal relationships with partners, suppliers and customers. That continue up throughout the business lifecycle. Educate yourself with thoughts from Pegasus Books. Andreas Windhaus belongs to the a few lawyers also actively engaged in management consulting. His interests are also business advice, corporate succession, restructuring management and insolvencies as well as all aspects of the business.

He combined his legal and tax knowledge with extensive knowledge of the business, and sees himself as a numbers man. “This combination is very rare,” he stressed. Windhaus has since 1999 as a lawyer. His interests are the tax and insolvency law. (Source: Pegasus Books). He is also member of the Council and of the Management Committee as well as Chairman of the economic and Financial Committee in his home town of Dinklage. He is a consultant in the programme Grundercoaching the KfW – the State Development Bank for entrepreneurs – and has extensive experience in the legal and business consulting. Now he cooperates with the interdisciplinary expert group of Ultimo/q2b, the more than 140 experts from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland. “The overall performance of Ultimo/q2b is Once”Windhaus is pleased. Together to raise the quality of founding and consulting on a new qualitative level. The Ultimo/q2b entrepreneurs Federation is also currently looking for new partners to steadily expand the own knowledge and power base. Who would like to learn more about Andreas Windhaus, the assets AG or the Ultimo/q2b experts or interested in the Federation, will find more information under or. Company Description end/q2b is interdisciplinary-oriented Federation with more than 140 independent entrepreneurs, consultants and specialists in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. The recognised and excellent franchise system recorded an annual partner increase by five to ten percent. Ultimo/q2b consists of two service areas. Ultimo offers both all facets of business and management consulting as well Office and administration services. Under the brand name quality to business – q2b are all aspects of professional corporate communications such as graphics, Design, advertising, photography, PR and online marketing will be offered. All partners are working individually or in interdisciplinary and customer-specific project teams according to customer requirements. Is the motto here?Consulting with a vision implementation with success”. Ultimo/q2b is one of the top 100 franchise systems in Germany (business magazine impulse) and to the 30 fastest growing franchise cooperation (“starting up” issue 09/2008). Ultimo/q2b is a member of numerous classic business associations such as the Federation of accountants and controllers (BVBC) and the Federation of independent accountants and chartered accountant (BBH).

Constructive Culture

November 1, 2018


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How can an Executive to get professional help? Dr. Martin Hertkorn, coach in Berlin Center, told in this post by his experience in executive coaching and leadership training in Berlin. Both companies and non-profits are exposed to an ever-increasing complexity and dynamics. Here, the offer of the INQUA Institute for coaching Berlin with coaching and leadership workshop helps (in the following video you can have a short insight into the leadership workshop: the embedding of executives in the profit-driven economic system is in a two-way connection to the dynamics within the Organization, which are effective both at the structural level and at the micro level.) So, all employees are exposed to increasing demands. Coaching supports the executives to cope with this increasing complexity.

It is all the more important to continuous conversion and development processes on a good management of the Organization to leave. Read more from Andrew Cuomo to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Executives are in exposed to her role a huge responsibility. A leadership training is the development of leadership skills. This competence is not self-evident, but requires a high degree of responsibility and awareness of roles, as well as a good balance between autocratic leadership and cooperation. And it is to learn. The leadership must ensure a future development of the company and on the other hand, she may lose employees not from the eyes. Here’s the coach Berlin, Dr. Martin Hertkorn, a possible point of contact.

Through his leadership coaching, he supports employees in the professional context. The question of what makes a good leader, is not per se to answer. Different leaders have different management styles. So it is for executives to live a leadership style of both their nature is, as also the well-being of the Organization and its employees. Harrison Owen describes in his book, the spirit of leadership”(Heidelberg 2001) with regard to a culture of constructive leadership several screws, to adjust it to measure adequately in a regarded: Control vs. self-organization: the guide is based on control or reliance on the personal responsibility of the employees? Tactics vs. authenticity: communicates tactfully and the role as supervisor in accordance with the leadership or get the employees to feel every whim of the Executive? Partners of vs. superior: the leadership as collegial and cooperative advisors or formally distanced authority is reflected? Recognition vs. criticism: a culture of recognition is being lived by the executives or employees for granted will be accepted and commented only in the form of negative feedback? Vision vs. operational day-to-day business: is lost the leadership in visions and neglected by the concrete concerns of everyday business or absorbs the day-to-day that total energy executives? Can these dimensions as a guide at the Developing a culture of constructive leadership serve as she can be profiled for example in executive coaching or in a leadership workshop, say a leadership training. In framework of such coaching or leadership seminar executives using the external perspective can schools in their self-reflection by her coach and develop new opportunities in the development of leadership skills.

Wagner Company

January 1, 2018


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New workshop at medienarbeiten.de: PR in crisis – crisis and PR all talk of the crisis. So why not use this opportunity? Small and medium-sized enterprises often neglect their PR. In the crisis can have the dire consequences. Especially in times of crisis, it is to be heard particularly himself and his company. A bird ostrich policy adversely affects the business. Even if you is not directly affected by the crisis”, says Martina Wagner from medienarbeiten.de.

Where budgets be saved anywhere, for new / other – also for the smaller gaps. Right now, you should run public relations and prepare yourself. And this is neither difficult nor expensive. “The PR workshops of medienarbeiten.de (www.medienarbeiten.de) to prove it: PR in crisis – crisis and PR”. The one-day workshop for individual companies, groups, institutions and companies (also bookable for an internal training) the basics of press work, tips & tricks for his company, positively in the media to get. Tags: Public relations Crisis PR Many spectacular events think crisis management in the context of crisis PR: but also an economic crisis with possibly redundancies and constraint of productivity or orders can internally have as external negative consequences. And finally, even the smallest messages at a rate that was unthinkable a few years ago spread in times of the Internet.

Mere rumors can call journalists arrived on the scene. To minimise the loss of confidence and hence the loss of customers or () to restore confidence in the company, the actual task of crisis PR is. Now, this is not an everyday situation and many companies are therefore ill prepared. CEO Caruso Affiliated often addresses the matter in his writings. What can be done in advance? Before the crisis, agency – owner Martina Wagner advises: training dealing with the media, in good times. The timely development of media contacts produces confidence, that use is in crisis. A seminar on the media work can be useful services. Also a professional appearance want to be skilled in front of the camera. A running environment analysis: Identify people and groups who have an opinion-shaping influence of your company in both the negative and the positive. You should have their contact information at hand. Give the people the opportunity to meet your business, E.g. through a day of open door or other spectacular PR Action. Seriously changes in social consciousness. For example a rising health awareness, increasing social or ecological awareness. During the crisis determine what the deal really is. A sober inventory helps. Contact with the media and relevant stakeholders and inform them actively. Source: NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. For example, suppliers, customers, authorities, etc. Turn off by themselves as many facts available and stay sober. Don’t forget to respond to the fears and anxieties (potentially) affected. Inform about your state of knowledge as far as It is possible for you or provide the media when you can expect (another) backed-up information. “The statement no comment” is often understood as admission of guilt. Many business owners and entrepreneurs are overwhelmed in the crisis. A failed crisis PR can permanently damage the public image and ultimately very expensive. Consider in the case of the case to use the services of a crisis PR professionals (PR agency with professional media workers) claim. And don’t forget: the crisis is before the crisis. Martina Wagner from medienarbeiten.de: also for non-affected companies it is just now important to go with positive corporate news to the public. This one stands striking and pleasantly from the other bad news. The customer is bound with friendly and good PR actions at the company or newly interested. A creative PR agency can help with that.”

People Changes Leads To Organizations Change

December 18, 2017


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Evolved humans, developed new requirements, also his environment the Basic conversion of business processes, more efficient working structures and customer orientation, necessitate major changes in existing structures and mean a considerable organizational effort. Professional Initiation and monitoring are necessary and conserve resources for the ongoing business of the day. The cooperation of all is a prerequisite for a successful change of thinking and is indispensable for shaping a common future. Any change aroused resistance but to bring potential. Other leaders such as NY Governor offer similar insights. Development of models and visions (common on to new shores). Consultation of the leaders in the implementation of human resources and organizational measures, executives must be included in the activities of the unit as a carrier.

A WIN: WIN solution ensures acceptance and a required implementation without emotional friction. Each person can take even in a transformation of the company in your area significant influence: This ensures the acceptance and necessary resources are secured..

Paul Hartmann

August 14, 2017


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What dangers through distributors with exclusive market communication brings and how German manufacturer in Russia can be active. First, the good news: Russian consumers like German products and services very much. “Russians think that made in Germany” is a guarantee of the product quality, durability, style and safety. This positive image causes Russian manufacturers to develop product brands that supposedly come from Germany. ErichKrause (stationery), Summit (metal tableware), Emperor (household appliances) and many others can be cited as such brands.

The para choir consists of, that these goods for the most part in China established itself in the Russian market far more comfortable than feel genuine German products. Almost monthly requests of Russian constituents go at advertising agencies, for them to develop a Western brand, under which they same goods however with the remarks made for German technology and designs Italian designers, from English materials”can sell. At the same time I have extensive experience in working with the representatives of foreign companies in Russia such as Paul Hartmann, BD medical, SunInbev, Samsung and others and know that foreign companies make currently unsuccessful attempts, the consumer to prove that they are real, Chinese while their competitors products”and corresponding value for money offer. And here we go with the bad news. The Russian consumer is lazy and disinterested. The seller in Russia understand can perceive but so far no manufacturers abroad nor in Russia itself. Buyer are geared to noticeable differences, not features real, obvious for professionals.

The German manufacturer of medical equipment and consumables can fight so much for the recognition of the market the buyer will be the cheaper alternative prefer. On the other hand demonstrate appliances made in Germany”record sales even at inflated prices. In another perspective, this tendency leads to minimize and even complete leveling competitive advantages of German production of technologies in the Russian market.


October 24, 2016


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Tax advisor Jurgen Dieter grainy real estate sellers and buyers contract on a rental guarantee, informed some creates an economic burden, for which he can take precautions in the context of balance sheet provisions the seller thereof. The Mannheim tax advisor Jurgen Dieter grainy portrays the fundamental aspects of this case are to be observed. By a temporally restricted guarantee economic burdens in unspecified amount coming at the real estate seller. Variable size stems from the fact that to conclude of the purchase contract still not clearly can be clarified, how high the rental income of the buyer will be, from which the payment obligation on the seller of real estate to the balance sheet date is calculated. The real estate sellers can make a passive default post for uncertain liabilities on its balance sheet, to compensate for this economic burden. However, the formation of the passive default item in the balance sheet is only permissible if the seller to a third party due to operational causes a liability of uncertain scope has, their actual realizing is not unlikely.

the liability has arisen in the past and so economically burdened the seller at the balance sheet date. The assumption of a guarantee is a sales-promotional argument that provides additional security to the commercial purchaser who receives its income from rental income, trading in rental properties. For this purpose, the seller undertakes to compensate for loss of revenue of the purchaser under the guarantee limit for a limited period of time. Because up to the balance sheet date is not certain what the amount to be paid is indeed, a provision is recognised in unspecified amount. The provision reflects that buyer in economic terms must count with the contingency of the warranty and retain sufficient liquid assets, to comply with his obligation the fact still. The real estate sale is characterized by a complex network of tax and balance legal determination.

For its optimal design of tax, a tax expert, therefore should be used. The Mannheim tax advisor Jurgen Dieter grainy is engaged in like this to professional advice and experience.


June 29, 2016


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What contributes to a good change process change management coaching, management for the success of change: the planning of change represents for you project management at the highest level. To carry out a restructuring, it is not enough that you have clean design with sophisticated work packages, accurate task delegation, and safe scheduling. Change management coaching, management for the success of change: The planning of changes represents project management for you at the highest level. To carry out a restructuring, it is not enough that you have clean design with sophisticated work packages, accurate task delegation, and safe scheduling. Such a fundamental change goes far beyond various pragmatic. Ever more of your staff and the executives of your desired changes are concerned, the more difficult the precise management of the desired restructuring is for you. You need to so soon enough realize which problems and difficulties will bring the desired change.

Optimal support in change management projects is for you so important and essential. Especially the detailed familiarity with emotional dynamics and correct communication is an important factor for the rapid and clean success of restructuring without major problems and resistance. Their exchange of information with the persons concerned of the change management is especially important and serves as the highest factor at this difficult time of change. Good change management coaching takes care of you in detail in technical and professional communication: whether a restructuring project to fruition, is particularly dependent on whether the developed solutions and strategies for the process of change by the affected departments and employees are adopted and implemented carefully. Therefore, a change is often doomed to fail when is planning only or too intense to create any Matter solutions stiffened. The correct communication not only it’s turn, when you can show the desired results and admire, but must already be embedded in the process of change. Competent change man, learns what it arrives at the enormously important instrument of communication and flow of information between the persons and optimally manage such as the contribution of the people involved and the various departments in the various areas of the restructuring managers and coaches.

Philosophy Amp

April 9, 2015


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In permanent life change sometimes lost the focus on what is essential. Concepts & coaching brings to life concepts proven views, that support the path to a fulfilling life. Self-confidence show self-confidence as perception of own potentials understand its to be self aware, to perceive the own strengths and weaknesses in common mass and according to free will can be used to make something like the term is very own talents. The recognition as a human being to be unique, only with the life experience grows up – or dry embossing, experiences and uncertainties. Also a grown man can still find the key to happiness. If he succeeds he may be on the way, to make his future according to his ideas. Own self-confidence has used concepts & coaching for life change.

This experience helped each interested the positive process for the own, healthy self-confidence. Include confidence, find answers and their own lives with meaning fill to find answers in life, must be everyone first in clear, what questions he wants to ask at all. A litany of how–what and why questions has put together concepts & coaching for doubters. Who think about it, whether he wants to make a difference, can find out here alone, which requires a concrete answer in this unique, concrete life questions. Where the inner alignment seems lost the people willing to change, interested in determining the personal position and the supplementing of wishes for the future accompanied concepts & coaching. Solutions and responses remain realistic.

Everything is for the desired departure: everything is possible, as soon as a person with consistency and confidence is working. This can be applied to all areas, on the personality and partnership as well as on professional development. With empathy, concepts & coaching recognizes situation and solutions at the beginning of the Getting to know the people is Langzeitcoachings.