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Wagner Company

January 1, 2018


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New workshop at medienarbeiten.de: PR in crisis – crisis and PR all talk of the crisis. So why not use this opportunity? Small and medium-sized enterprises often neglect their PR. In the crisis can have the dire consequences. Especially in times of crisis, it is to be heard particularly himself and his company. A bird ostrich policy adversely affects the business. Even if you is not directly affected by the crisis”, says Martina Wagner from medienarbeiten.de.

Where budgets be saved anywhere, for new / other – also for the smaller gaps. Right now, you should run public relations and prepare yourself. And this is neither difficult nor expensive. “The PR workshops of medienarbeiten.de (www.medienarbeiten.de) to prove it: PR in crisis – crisis and PR”. The one-day workshop for individual companies, groups, institutions and companies (also bookable for an internal training) the basics of press work, tips & tricks for his company, positively in the media to get. Tags: Public relations Crisis PR Many spectacular events think crisis management in the context of crisis PR: but also an economic crisis with possibly redundancies and constraint of productivity or orders can internally have as external negative consequences. And finally, even the smallest messages at a rate that was unthinkable a few years ago spread in times of the Internet.

Mere rumors can call journalists arrived on the scene. To minimise the loss of confidence and hence the loss of customers or () to restore confidence in the company, the actual task of crisis PR is. Now, this is not an everyday situation and many companies are therefore ill prepared. CEO Caruso Affiliated often addresses the matter in his writings. What can be done in advance? Before the crisis, agency – owner Martina Wagner advises: training dealing with the media, in good times. The timely development of media contacts produces confidence, that use is in crisis. A seminar on the media work can be useful services. Also a professional appearance want to be skilled in front of the camera. A running environment analysis: Identify people and groups who have an opinion-shaping influence of your company in both the negative and the positive. You should have their contact information at hand. Give the people the opportunity to meet your business, E.g. through a day of open door or other spectacular PR Action. Seriously changes in social consciousness. For example a rising health awareness, increasing social or ecological awareness. During the crisis determine what the deal really is. A sober inventory helps. Contact with the media and relevant stakeholders and inform them actively. Source: NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. For example, suppliers, customers, authorities, etc. Turn off by themselves as many facts available and stay sober. Don’t forget to respond to the fears and anxieties (potentially) affected. Inform about your state of knowledge as far as It is possible for you or provide the media when you can expect (another) backed-up information. “The statement no comment” is often understood as admission of guilt. Many business owners and entrepreneurs are overwhelmed in the crisis. A failed crisis PR can permanently damage the public image and ultimately very expensive. Consider in the case of the case to use the services of a crisis PR professionals (PR agency with professional media workers) claim. And don’t forget: the crisis is before the crisis. Martina Wagner from medienarbeiten.de: also for non-affected companies it is just now important to go with positive corporate news to the public. This one stands striking and pleasantly from the other bad news. The customer is bound with friendly and good PR actions at the company or newly interested. A creative PR agency can help with that.”

People Changes Leads To Organizations Change

December 18, 2017


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Evolved humans, developed new requirements, also his environment the Basic conversion of business processes, more efficient working structures and customer orientation, necessitate major changes in existing structures and mean a considerable organizational effort. Professional Initiation and monitoring are necessary and conserve resources for the ongoing business of the day. The cooperation of all is a prerequisite for a successful change of thinking and is indispensable for shaping a common future. Any change aroused resistance but to bring potential. Other leaders such as NY Governor offer similar insights. Development of models and visions (common on to new shores). Consultation of the leaders in the implementation of human resources and organizational measures, executives must be included in the activities of the unit as a carrier.

A WIN: WIN solution ensures acceptance and a required implementation without emotional friction. Each person can take even in a transformation of the company in your area significant influence: This ensures the acceptance and necessary resources are secured.. Learn more on the subject from Hamdi Ulukaya.

Paul Hartmann

August 14, 2017


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What dangers through distributors with exclusive market communication brings and how German manufacturer in Russia can be active. First, the good news: Russian consumers like German products and services very much. “Russians think that made in Germany” is a guarantee of the product quality, durability, style and safety. This positive image causes Russian manufacturers to develop product brands that supposedly come from Germany. ErichKrause (stationery), Summit (metal tableware), Emperor (household appliances) and many others can be cited as such brands.

The para choir consists of, that these goods for the most part in China established itself in the Russian market far more comfortable than feel genuine German products. Almost monthly requests of Russian constituents go at advertising agencies, for them to develop a Western brand, under which they same goods however with the remarks made for German technology and designs Italian designers, from English materials”can sell. At the same time I have extensive experience in working with the representatives of foreign companies in Russia such as Paul Hartmann, BD medical, SunInbev, Samsung and others and know that foreign companies make currently unsuccessful attempts, the consumer to prove that they are real, Chinese while their competitors products”and corresponding value for money offer. And here we go with the bad news. The Russian consumer is lazy and disinterested. The seller in Russia understand can perceive but so far no manufacturers abroad nor in Russia itself. Buyer are geared to noticeable differences, not features real, obvious for professionals.

The German manufacturer of medical equipment and consumables can fight so much for the recognition of the market the buyer will be the cheaper alternative prefer. On the other hand demonstrate appliances made in Germany”record sales even at inflated prices. In another perspective, this tendency leads to minimize and even complete leveling competitive advantages of German production of technologies in the Russian market.

Swiss Giants Novartis

December 12, 2016


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With a total number of 717 million people and a total volume of around 57.4 billion US dollars in the health care market, you offer the TRIUMPH countries there with brands and healthcare products additional turnover and market shares to generate optimum conditions. However should be assumed not, that alone the choice a country with positive economic prospects entail the desired success. Many hurdles have to take. After a failed launch of a product, it is very difficult to successfully implement a relaunch or find another partner. Without the necessary experience with the local conditions, even initially trivial published cultural differences can jeopardize the success of a business. Check with Hikmet Ersek to learn more. Only who systematically is the target market analyzed and ready to engage in a foreign culture, will have long-term success. China and India are undoubtedly growing markets, however they are also production-strong and opaque in dealing with Patents.

The last vivid example that even huge companies there may suffer shipwreck, is the judicial proceedings of the Swiss Giants Novartis’ patent rights to the cancer drug “Glivec”. Hence, an important aspect to the selection of the TRIUMPH States is that forgeries, as is unfortunately common in India or China, are possible technical reasons in the often inadequate development and manufacture of products in the TRIUMPH States more difficult. In this way, you can be safe that you experienced no nasty surprises with piracy as foreign pharmaceutical companies. The TRIUMPH markets are a pharma – and OTC-optimized development of BRIC and crap. Especially for medium-sized enterprises is important to think globally and to look for opportunities to the international market expansion. With a systematically selected and appropriate dynamic, local partner, such exports are well done and very lucrative. Each euro invested in the markets of TRIUMPH is an essential generate higher return on investment than in the Western European markets.

Professional Advice – For Companies And Individuals

December 1, 2016


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Organization Advisor Heinz Wyssling clarifies on Heinz Wyssling is a member of the Association of supervisors and can look back on many years of experience in the field of coaching and consulting. His experience he passes like and therefore targeted organizational Consulting offers complete business development. Anyone who knows his skills and his strengths, can be used also. His coaching is aimed therefore to leadership positions, companies and their employees, but also to individuals. With him as a partner, the participants meet their own values.

Track down the own talent isn’t about spiritual talk. Rather dormant in us all skills that are often not even aware of. Many have also for years to bury it inside her. They are so important, to get ahead professionally. The organizational consultant it optimistically into the future using his everybody can circumnavigate crises in advance? Financial, energy and environmental crises must not negatively charge the own environment. Who deliberately engages and As chance uses changes can instead use them for themselves. Contact information is here: James Woolsey. With the right strategy you can have their own future in the right direction. But above all, the knowledge of one’s own skills help some courage.

Many customers have can positively impact their development with the help of Heinz Wyssling. You are now optimistic about the future and Moreover, many successes. Finally, the coaching is not aligned. Coupled with economic influences the psychological back ground provides a good basis for the consistent advice. So the systematic and persistent way for the future can be taken step by step.


October 24, 2016


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Tax advisor Jurgen Dieter grainy real estate sellers and buyers contract on a rental guarantee, informed some creates an economic burden, for which he can take precautions in the context of balance sheet provisions the seller thereof. The Mannheim tax advisor Jurgen Dieter grainy portrays the fundamental aspects of this case are to be observed. By a temporally restricted guarantee economic burdens in unspecified amount coming at the real estate seller. Variable size stems from the fact that to conclude of the purchase contract still not clearly can be clarified, how high the rental income of the buyer will be, from which the payment obligation on the seller of real estate to the balance sheet date is calculated. The real estate sellers can make a passive default post for uncertain liabilities on its balance sheet, to compensate for this economic burden. However, the formation of the passive default item in the balance sheet is only permissible if the seller to a third party due to operational causes a liability of uncertain scope has, their actual realizing is not unlikely.

the liability has arisen in the past and so economically burdened the seller at the balance sheet date. The assumption of a guarantee is a sales-promotional argument that provides additional security to the commercial purchaser who receives its income from rental income, trading in rental properties. For this purpose, the seller undertakes to compensate for loss of revenue of the purchaser under the guarantee limit for a limited period of time. Because up to the balance sheet date is not certain what the amount to be paid is indeed, a provision is recognised in unspecified amount. The provision reflects that buyer in economic terms must count with the contingency of the warranty and retain sufficient liquid assets, to comply with his obligation the fact still. The real estate sale is characterized by a complex network of tax and balance legal determination.

For its optimal design of tax, a tax expert, therefore should be used. The Mannheim tax advisor Jurgen Dieter grainy is engaged in like this to professional advice and experience.

Online Coaching

October 14, 2016


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100 books as a gift to the one hundred first Heidelberg. A successful approach will be further improved after 17 months starts service Nastasi a more offensive to the E-coaching, the modern form of the global contemporary coaching seminar. On October 16, 2009 it was launched so far is the new online coaching concept coaching with warranty, this is something quite new. Now, it is possible that anyone who really wants to change something in his life, also can do this thanks to the new Coachinggarantie, which pays back the seminar fee in case of not success on request. For more information about the new warranty on the Web page.

There is also new that all online student receive a course manual home, the book of manifesting emerged 2.0 manifesting 2.0 work in over a year of Onlinecoaching. It is available, and now also integral part of the new online course manifesting 2.0 in 30 days to success since summer 2009 in bookstores. Will maintain the concept of the daily mails of course which motivate it to remain because science has proven that after 21 days of taking action in the subconscious so passes into an automatism. Every day all students in a live chat are served directly to resolve blockages that occur during the coaching. An online forum, advanced article and an Internet course area round the complete power Onlinecoaching of new style just 2.0. A part of the new media age is that the two founders in the social networks are and are active for them.

“The first 100 customer of the new courses get the book your own miracle” by Alexander Nastasi as a gift to. In this first book by Alexander Nastasi now are four more he encourages appeared to act and to the independence that he lives since 2003 and shows that it is even today possible and appropriate, to become self-employed. For more information on erfolg.seminar service nastasi.de this press release may be reproduced free of charge, requested copy, also by mail through the address below, press images and further information, address can be obtained under the u.g. If you would like to know more then you should visit Wabash National Corporation. also. Seminar is responsible for this press release 25/1-69207 sand hype Tel. service Nastasi holder Alexander Nastasi forest road: 06224/924255 fax: 06224/924259 seminar service Nastasi specializes in the distribution of online content about the law of attraction and manifesting the personal growth of the seminar participants specialized. In addition to the Manifestierenportal, the company operates a whole range of health portals and has published the five books. Further information about the 2003 founded family operation headquartered in Germany are available on the company’s website.


June 29, 2016


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What contributes to a good change process change management coaching, management for the success of change: the planning of change represents for you project management at the highest level. To carry out a restructuring, it is not enough that you have clean design with sophisticated work packages, accurate task delegation, and safe scheduling. Change management coaching, management for the success of change: The planning of changes represents project management for you at the highest level. To carry out a restructuring, it is not enough that you have clean design with sophisticated work packages, accurate task delegation, and safe scheduling. Such a fundamental change goes far beyond various pragmatic. Ever more of your staff and the executives of your desired changes are concerned, the more difficult the precise management of the desired restructuring is for you. You need to so soon enough realize which problems and difficulties will bring the desired change.

Optimal support in change management projects is for you so important and essential. Especially the detailed familiarity with emotional dynamics and correct communication is an important factor for the rapid and clean success of restructuring without major problems and resistance. Their exchange of information with the persons concerned of the change management is especially important and serves as the highest factor at this difficult time of change. Good change management coaching takes care of you in detail in technical and professional communication: whether a restructuring project to fruition, is particularly dependent on whether the developed solutions and strategies for the process of change by the affected departments and employees are adopted and implemented carefully. Therefore, a change is often doomed to fail when is planning only or too intense to create any Matter solutions stiffened. The correct communication not only it’s turn, when you can show the desired results and admire, but must already be embedded in the process of change. Competent change man, learns what it arrives at the enormously important instrument of communication and flow of information between the persons and optimally manage such as the contribution of the people involved and the various departments in the various areas of the restructuring managers and coaches.

Philosophy Amp

April 9, 2015


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In permanent life change sometimes lost the focus on what is essential. Concepts & coaching brings to life concepts proven views, that support the path to a fulfilling life. Self-confidence show self-confidence as perception of own potentials understand its to be self aware, to perceive the own strengths and weaknesses in common mass and according to free will can be used to make something like the term is very own talents. The recognition as a human being to be unique, only with the life experience grows up – or dry embossing, experiences and uncertainties. Also a grown man can still find the key to happiness. If he succeeds he may be on the way, to make his future according to his ideas. Own self-confidence has used concepts & coaching for life change.

This experience helped each interested the positive process for the own, healthy self-confidence. Include confidence, find answers and their own lives with meaning fill to find answers in life, must be everyone first in clear, what questions he wants to ask at all. A litany of how–what and why questions has put together concepts & coaching for doubters. Who think about it, whether he wants to make a difference, can find out here alone, which requires a concrete answer in this unique, concrete life questions. Where the inner alignment seems lost the people willing to change, interested in determining the personal position and the supplementing of wishes for the future accompanied concepts & coaching. Solutions and responses remain realistic.

Everything is for the desired departure: everything is possible, as soon as a person with consistency and confidence is working. This can be applied to all areas, on the personality and partnership as well as on professional development. With empathy, concepts & coaching recognizes situation and solutions at the beginning of the Getting to know the people is Langzeitcoachings.

Identify Opportunities

May 8, 2014


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In times of doubt a view from the outside can as the concepts of coaching sharpen own views of potential and opportunities and provide support for a meaningful life. The philosophy behind concepts and coaching the times are very moving, volatile, confusing. Every day new challenges can make it necessary to overcome crises and to new goals through individual adaptation to external changes and to attack. Stop and inner focus may be lost in very active times. Continue to develop, the person in apparent problems should discover the opportunities. To seek solutions instead of mourn problems, that’s part of the idea of coaching the concepts-coach Horst Hug even lives.

The willingness to engage in new, he look the prospect of personal change, more success and generally greater satisfaction in the life of every human of being who wished for such a change. With the suggestions of concepts and coaching life concepts work out every human being is unique and especially talented in his own way. When he discovered his self-confidence and cultivated, he draws from is itself the power to master his life and to shape its future to his individual wishes. It is necessary to make the potential of your own and your own skills at the center of attention. The key to inner happiness and lasting success lies in the focus on our own strengths.

By the person promoting its inherent strengths, he automatically a positive process to enrich his life. He creates permanent, feels increasingly better and thus infecting his environment. Happiness and success are the dream to the target and finally to the normal feeling of everyday life. Strengths through the correct answers by what – what – where – focuses on enabling its own concepts and coaching and why question list can explore every man for himself, what answers he’s really looking for. Maybe some of the details are clear, maybe others may require only more accurate reflection. At the Search for answers is secondary time. The focus is to get clarity on the situation, to find solutions and to focus – with the aim of the present situation this how you want to change. Everything is possible! says the concept coach Horst hug. He himself is the living proof, has made the greatest opportunity to a life crisis for his future and lives today satisfied and happy, how can a reorientation. There is not a guarantee on luck concepts and coaching. Because happiness is what the individual understands. So that it becomes part perceived everyday in this way certainly helps the coaching. Best reference for concepts and coaching: Eigencoaching of success coach Horst Hug Horst Hug says of himself: “I’m not a motivational guru, who promises a wonderful future and every day tells you how good you are. (Source: concepts and coaching – self confidence). His convincing argument is himself, with 25 years of experience as a coach, mental trainer and master critical life situations. Training finally formed a holistic basis for concepts and coaching, whose Erfolge because proven, but individual are repeatable, during the transformation of one’s own life. From a somehow is a AHA, from small successes a breakthrough in all areas of life. Today is the career coach Horst hug as a personal coach and consultant for entrepreneurs, self-employed and executives, as a mental coach, management trainer and coaching instructors.