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January 3, 2016


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Understand what you want to dream of many psychologists, but it is often represented as follows: 'I'm going to help people. I will meet with good people, talk with them heart to heart and grow with them as a person. " For this you money will not pay. More complex, and difficult to start with learning 'on the psychologist', it is not easy and not always interesting. Typically, high school preparation involves first 1.5-2 years, most of the last three year study is no longer like: repetitions, the theory of knowledge impractical.

Further, to whom you are going to learn? If the therapist, after graduating from college with no work experience you will most likely take on a meager salary in social security for conversations with people who have something does not add up in life. However, the psychologist – is not necessarily a psychotherapist, and do not necessarily lock themselves in helping people with mental difficulties. You may want to advise people with a lack of everyday experience in family relationships or child rearing, it is not psychotherapy and counseling. Or maybe you work to attract a coach – it's a different format and skills. In any case, you should know: There are four major schools or direction in Applied Psychology: NLP, psychoanalysis, Gestalt approach and Sinton approach. They are different and one approach, experts often do not understand the other specialists. In order to determine and meet with representatives of these schools, discussions, look, look for his own.