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Prevention Breakdowns

August 22, 2018


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Good computer equipment is expensive. Today, from its reliable operation depends very much – we trust computers to bookkeeping, business correspondence, keeping vital information. Therefore, serious computer crashes can be for the firm caused significant loss of income and even cause considerable losses (downtime, loss of valuable information, the results of which did not have time to maintain or have not yet done backup). Therefore it is expedient to take care of prevention of damage of computer equipment in advance to avoid serious problems in the future. Small firms can enter into a contract for subscription services computers with specialized companies. But some actions you can do on their own. Computer as an electronic device has some bitter enemies.

One is the ordinary dust. Any working electronics attracts quite a large amount of dust – see how much it collects on the screen and the back of the TV. And that to repair the TV often begins with the fact that the master vacuuming the internal circuitry, known to all who came across with this. Accumulated in the computer system unit dust can cause serious damage. A lot of dust accumulates on the fan, and he ceases to effectively cool the CPU – the main part of your computer. In addition, the dust is quite a good conductor and, accordingly, its accumulation on the motherboard may cause the closure, and as a consequence, full failure of the main computer chip. Capacitors, which are available on the motherboard may also fail due to dust. To read more click here: Jeff Gennette. In order for your computer is stable, it is important that the temperature has been observed mode.

From overheating, the computer stores details of the cooling system. But work at low temperatures, with drops that can cause condensation is also very harmful to the state of the expensive working tool. Hard drives, which store the important information for the company, are afraid of strong shaking. If your computer has to operate in areas where constant vibration to exclude not The hard drive should be mounted on shock absorbing surface. Protect your computer from temperature changes or excessive vibration is not so difficult. But the dust removal is an operation that should Only qualified staff on computer repair. And make no mistake – even when operating in a perfectly clean room gradual accumulation of dust in the system unit is inevitable. To understand why Dust removal – a job for professionals, we describe the procedure. To start the computer understands. Now we need to very carefully remove the dust from the motherboard. Also need to clean the cooler and radiators. Remove them from the processor and motherboard should be very careful, otherwise you may damage the fastening system. Once inside of the fan cleaned, it is also useful to re-lubricate its bearings. Need to be cleaned and the cooler unit supply. If it is due to dust will not work, the system can overheat and fail. To perform this procedure, the power supply also has to take off. Sometimes the bad and replace thermal paste on the CPU. I think readers understand that doing the work associated with the disassembly of the computer, you must be very careful and hard to know how to collect it later. Otherwise, it is likely the result of 'prevention' will the need to purchase a new computer.

Security Systems

June 7, 2017


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Popular destinations for domestic use are intercoms, video intercoms and monitors, combined with certain types of access intercoms. Intercom system – the simplest system of access restrictions in the which consists of several blocks, the key device electrical wiring. Kits are standard, so making an order for the installation of intercom provides the ability to integrate it into the control system access and working time, and not worked together with the PBX. Install intercoms may also have non-standard solutions. In such cases need specialist advice. At Keith Yamashita you will find additional information.

Video phone – a simple system differs from the intercom only in the presence of hidden cameras in the calling panel. You can chat conversations and see the visitor. The minimum equipment provided videopanel (monitor communication device) and miniature camera. Variants – the monitor with a tube or a monitor with built-in hands-free, black and white or color LCD displays. Possibly combine with obschepodezdnymi audiodomofonami (except for hands-free monitors). There is a wide choice of models with compact size and original color solutions.

Full-time opportunities are connecting multiple cameras and the electro. CCTV systems – the quality of your office or at facility installation video surveillance systems include not only the installation of CCTV cameras and recording. Without the principles of organization and construction of the cameras will keep a record of individual fragments. For efficient operation of any CCTV installation requires competent cells, resulting in a lack of video surveillance unreached areas. For the organization of video surveillance systems can even use an ordinary home computer equipping it with video card and the necessary software. Access control and time management – one of the fastest growing areas. Given the ability to serve as a great companies, chain stores and offices in the regions and small enterprises of small and medium-sized businesses, coupled with little cost hardware and software complex. Capabilities of the system control Access is not restricted to one office with one or several points of passage. Provides for the ability to manage multiple systems of passage, even if they are in different cities. Burglar and fire alarm and remain indispensable technical equipment alerts. Replace the alarm system or install other equipment instead of fire alarm systems can be, but it will only be upgraded tool. Security systems of this direction only will be improved, adding to the already huge lineup

The Berber

March 8, 2014


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Of all forms, often occurs that silver is melted again and reused, so you may end up containing nickel due to the use of old currencies during smelting. Silver metal comes largely from the mines that there are around Tineghir. As in all the arts that are under the rule of Islam, designs are geometric and abstract. Shapes are more angular than in the arabe-andaluz art and evoke edges, points and circles of the Tifinagh, Berber writing. But the tracery or architectural decorations composed of combinations of geometrical figures also reminiscent of Celtic patterns. The Berber representation par excellence is the, which suggests the image of a man with arms on high, and that became the symbol of the nation and language Berbers, the Amazigh. Another very common reason, which can be found in carpets and ceramics, is the triangle, symbol of the store and the family. Most of the designs are made with watermarks placed on a flat base and silver streaky.

Other flanges are made in small v-shaped repeated that evoke the stem of wheat. In summary, you can say that Berber jewelry is another element that exhibits the richness and variety of the Berber crafts. This art is full of symbols that reflect the fertility of local culture. If you want to discover this exciting art and all other types of Moroccan jewelry, welcome to Marrakech, where they will have excellent opportunities to visit numerous boutiques that offer fantastic products of silverware, jewellery and costume jewellery. So do not hesitate to come to this beautiful city, where everything is designed to meet them. Once there, may stay in one of the excellent hotels in Marrakech or, better yet, in one of the typical riads in Marrakech. Also they can be hosted on a magnificent Villa in Marrakech, closer to rural areas, where the landscapes are spectacular and picturesque and where the Berber population will welcome them with open arms. Original author and source of the article.