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Efficient Staff – The Key To Success

June 9, 2020


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Employees are the key element and an essential resource for any organization. Employee productivity directly affects the effectiveness and success of the company in a highly competitive Russian market. How often chief asks himself these questions: What does the company's staff in the workplace? How loyal employees are assigned to leadership? How much staff time actually worked and how much waste at the various games and entertainment sites? Do employees of official authority for personal gain? Commit a staff of confidential information to third parties? On these and many other questions will help get the replies hardware-software complex "TCB-monitoring" company "Technologies Corporate Security." With it is possible to see an objective and impartial picture of the employee organization, their attitudes and productivity This solution is designed for the analysis and online monitoring of information flows and user activity in corporate information systems. Main problems solved by the complex "TCB-monitoring", the following: Comprehensive assessment of staff performance; Analysis of internal and external communications staff; conducting official investigations to identify disloyal insiders and organization staff; Control of ineffective and harmful actions, fraud and disclosure of confidential information. Click Publishers Clearing House for additional related pages. Unlike classic DLP-systems, the problem "TCB-monitoring" does not include blocking of information. This solution examines streams transmitted in a data network based on them generates reports and sends automatic notifications about the potentially 'problematic' situations. Minimal involvement of it specialists of the customer if necessary the introduction of this system can go unnoticed for internal users in your organization. . Barry Nalebuffs opinions are not widely known.