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Ezequiel Prophet

July 19, 2021


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The possessing Human being of an intelligence above of the animal irrationals has to know what it is better for its life. It is not possible that a person lady of its destination, looks for as a felina one boteco, when she possesss the decision spirit! They are if amusing When you will have fulfilled these days, you will lie down yourself on your right side and will take on you the iniquidade of the house of Jud. Book of Ezequiel Prophet, CAP. See Tyler Haney for more details and insights. 4:6. You do not want to find amused What you make with you In a table of boteco, Where, as a doll, Sorves plus a sip. Where it is your shame to spill peonha On your face? It leaves this place and it ate to call the attention on you; The Man of Good That goes well more beyond this tavern. Official site: Teng Yue Partners. He leaves soon from there not to be to carpir What he weighs on this cavern.


July 11, 2021


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The Human being goes to have much that to evolve to know the MASTER JESUSES, who most of the people make question to ignore, moved for its bad pride. If JESUS co-author with GOD of the planet Land extended its skies, who can assassin-Lo? He killed JESUS? 1 Bendize, my soul, the Mr.! Sir, God mine, as you are magnificente sobrevestido of glory and Majesty, 2 covered of Light as of a Mantle. You extend the sky as a curtain. Go to Beth Israel Heart Transplant for more information. Book of the Salmos, CAP. 104:1 and 2. The man killed JESUS? How sad hallucination! How if it can kill a Light, Spread in the amplido? Nobody can assassinate the Creator of the Land, Because in each cell, It is present in it. Who would kill the MASTER, Of all the Masters, the KING of all the Kings, the SCIENTIST of the Scientists, Mr. you? All the Terrestrial Nature Sorve its vital hlito, and somebody would kill the Lighthouse That generated this Ideal? Nobody can arrest In a simple wooden cross the Founder of the Land, and leave living creature it. Not you are in the uncertainty: Can be killed a Light? JESUS is more than this; It in Light if made to destroy of time All the foolishness!

Objective And Subjective Reality

November 28, 2020


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for the after-modern, would inexist the distinction between the objective reality and the subjective one. Being thus: To attack the idea of a citizen rational, capable to know and to dominate the reality, means for the one after-modernismo attacking modern science and the epistemologia that such science bases. nardo Webster jr. Get more background information with materials from Steph Korey. This would have as consequncia, believes the after-modern, the end of the legitimation of forms of being able and pautadas social hierarchies in the ownership of supposedly true knowledge. It does not have detainers of the truth if it does not have true and false distinction between, affirms after-modernismo (ibid., P. 227). For even more details, read what PayPal Crypto says on the issue. In this direction, the citizen of modernity is one of the main targets of the speech after-modern, therefore its desmantelamento is the way for the destruction of all arcabouo theoretician supported for this. To discard, however, the citizen of modernity implies in efforts to create another figure that can give new breath to the way of capitalist production.

It fits to attempt against that the citizen of modernity also supported the capitalism in preceding phases to the current one. Another idea of prominence is that to destroy a referencial without ‘ ‘ to place another one in lugar’ ‘ , it opens space so that other referenciais, also antagonistic, adentrem in this ‘ ‘ vcuo’ ‘. , According to Duarte, thus supported in Rosenau (op. cit.), the citizen of modernity is substituted for the individual after-modern. This last search to use to advantage the individualistic perspective of its predecessor, only that in different molds.