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Only All

April 12, 2017


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this not if must the mritos some mine, but for merits of Christ Jesus, who for me died, and accepted I it I received and it, by means of the faith, as my Only All-Sufficient Salvador and Gentleman. this preciosssima Writing sossega excessively minh’ soul: ‘ ‘ Because the law of the Spirit of the Life, in Christ Jesus exempted, you of the law of the sin and morte.’ ‘ (Rm.8: 2) In result, usufruct of the Perpetual Salvation. If you would like to know more about Tiggany & Co., then click here. Of perpetual inamissvel the Perpetual Life. I now go to explain the reason of not to have certainty of my physical death, although I to be mortal, a time that Mr. Jesus Christ already definitively solved the subject of my death spiritual, and not necessary it more to fear. By the way, I do not have distrust nor of the corporal death, since its occurrence in my life is an evident uncertainty.

Certainly I see the advance of the days approaching me the mancheias of the natural death, but I also see the undisputed truth Biblical to show that this death can never occur

Let us hear the Apstolo Pablo: ‘ ‘ Here it is I say a mystery here to you: NOR ALL WE WILL SLEEP but we will be transformados.’ ‘ (1Co.15: 51). TO SLEEP, here, is synonymous TO DIE. This synonymous one meets applied in many other texts of the Sacred Holy Writs. Jesus used same it when of the death of its friend Lazarus: ‘ ‘ E, thus having said, added: Lazarus, our friend, SLEEPS, (…) Then Jesus said to them clearly: Lazarus MORREU.’ ‘ (Jo.11: 11,14) In 1Ts.4: 15, Pablo contrasts it with the LIVINGS CREATURE clearly: ‘ ‘ Dizemo you, therefore, this for the Word Mr.: that we, the ones that to be LIVINGS CREATURE for the coming Mr., by no means we will precede the ones who already DORMEM.’ ‘ NOR ALL WE WILL SLEEP, assures us Apstolo. Then, it consoles to know me that I can have, still alive, the Inefvel Event of the Parousia as epilogue of this my terreal peregrination! I conclude this work the same saying that it said at the beginning: I DO NOT HAVE CERTAINTY OF MY DEATH. It is so probable how much improbable; but, if it to happen, makes mine the words of the great Apstolo: ‘ ‘ Because for me the LIFE IS CHRIST, and DYING Is LUCRO.’ ‘ (Fl.1: 21). Aleluia! E, will be of the will Mr. the death of this my weak, corruptvel body, certainly will be one to sleep ephemeral, because, for the insopitvel faith that God granted (1Co.13 to me: 13) I firm myself in plus this hope: ‘ ‘ Jesus declared to it: I am the Resurrection and the Life; who believes in me, DESPITE IT DIES, WILL LIVE; all that one that lives, and believes in me, NEVER WILL DIE. You believe this? ‘ ‘ (Jo.11: 25,26)

The Rind

March 11, 2014


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In the truth, generally they do not pass of superficial, false expressions Without we had perceived, the wounds they had not sarado, they were only soterradas inside of each one of us, therefore same I thought that already he had pardoned to it, but also evidenced that unhappyly he had not forgotten me you are welcome. Then I understood that to pardon it is not if to start to dissimulate and to try to believe that nothing happened and that it is enough not to feel hatred, not to reply, not to look revenge, not to leave to make a good to the person who wounded in them and to continue well wanting to it or loving it as before. It is much more that this, because the marks do not leave so easily. does not have esquecimento. The pardon order will be a huge gesture will have Real recognition of the error and a true repentance for practised it you. Sublime it will be the pardon if to obtain to not only surpass the dimensions of the evil that reached in them, but also pains of the wounds, without no hurt or rancor exists plus.

Of the opposite such attitudes are only palliative that serve to create a rind on an opened wound, who has covered the wound but not cure nor sara, because below of the rind it will continue to exist. It is enough to pressure the surface and pain if it presents with all the intensity of before, and to any pressure the blood will start to gush out again. If never more to move in this rind and with the time the wound to sarar, even though if the rind to disappear, what it is not impossible, hardly will not be a ugly scar, that are souvenirs, that the death will only make to disappear.