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Munich Estate

July 9, 2022


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Internal and external growth as a basis for further positive development of Neu-Ulm In the past financial year 2008 has completed mbH the Monarchis Grundbesitz company headquartered in Neu-Ulm in all divisions with far above average achievements. Since the company was founded in 2003 as a sister company of for more than 30 years successfully in the market active ITG GmbH, Munich, has the real estate and financial services Monarchis both internally, as well as externally in the past fiscal year the largest leap in the company’s history after front done. The are under the umbrella of holding global asset AG, Munich, dynamically developing Monarchis real estate company mbH has the number of employees significantly increased. While in the founding year was started with four employees, it was end of 2008 28 employees; including several freelance and part-time workers. In the real estate sector were taken in 2008 many interesting objects by the specialists of the company inspected and examined.

To replenish the stock were After critical examination of all details of two promising objects logged. A very appealing ensemble with 17 multi-family townhouses and 85 residential units in Lohfelden, near Kassel, as well as three houses manufactured in industrial construction in 1984 in the recent district of Leipzig, Grunau, with 427 units. Thus exceeded the target for 2008, to expand the inventory to 500 units. Today, Monarchis has about 600 units in Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemberg, Hesse and Saxony. Read more from Marko Dimitrijevic, author to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Real estate in Heilbronn and Mannheim were upgraded in 2008 with energetic restructuring. Also in fiscal year 2009, it is planned to expand the inventory and to continue the renovations to the part already begun at different locations, or to complete. In the financial services Division Monarchis in 2003 had a capital market issue amounting to EUR 45 million for the stake in the company in the form of profit participation certificates was imposed with the placement of 5 million euros to a total of more than 15 Million euros, the best result since the founding of the company achieved.

The Monarchis Marketing GmbH, which controls existing sales from freelancers and training, continued thus sustained their success story. Contrary to the worldwide downward trend due to the financial and economic crisis the Monarchis Grundbesitz company increased mbH 2008 the real estate holdings by more than 600 percent in the last fiscal year. In terms of emissions, the company achieved an increase in the more than 30 percent; While the market by 30 to 50 percent declined. On the economic situation, the company reports on the extraordinary equity ratio of 100 percent. This means that you have purchased real estate, as well as the ongoing business activities from equity financed. The Interior service area that represents service, internal services and administration, won in 2008 clearly on quality and strength. The establishment of an internal balance sheet accounting and controlling Department has the short-term transparency of all Numbers works and business planning improved significantly. The newly created Department of press and public relations, as well as investor brought visible the required external representation of the performance spectrum of Monarchis relations with connected Web and print design in connection with awareness, image and CI/CD action. A further, good condition was created by establishing an own legal department to act independently and above all fast. Overall, in the last fiscal year in all areas, Monarchis created best conditions to be prepared for future expansions.

Monument Real Estate

July 8, 2022


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Prime Estate GmbH – investment Berlin, February 19, 2009 – the Prime Estate GmbH is your professional partner, if you are interested in buying a property in particular for the purchase of a heritage property. Here, consult experts who advise you professionally and comprehensively and you care both before and after the purchase in all aspects of the real estate. Buying a property is a far-reaching decision should be well thought out. Just for monument real estate different points must be, observed that you as the owner actually fully be able can benefit from State subsidies, the tax benefits and a high yield. It is therefore advisable to tackle the real estate purchase with an expert as the Prime Estate GmbH, technical support to learn and to make the right decision. The Prime Estate GmbH is more than just a mediator of real estate: Here you are supported from the outset professionally.

The offered an all-inclusive package”contains an individual data analysis, first which estimate the personal possibilities and accurately calculate the tax advantage in individual cases can be. Real estate buyers can imagine objects supported by professional consultants and visit it together. In addition an information and consultation can take place with the company’s real estate experts, to clarify open questions. Fell the decision to buy a property, get a comprehensive information about the contractual guarantees, as well as a notarially drawn up contract of Prime Estate GmbH. Financing for your real estate is the Prime Estate GmbH to the page: support in the selection of appropriate financial institutions and also helps you to submit all necessary documentation to the competent tax office. The Prime Estate GmbH is an established company in the field of monument protection real estate benefit also from the years of experience of employees and the comprehensive and transparent service. To more To obtain information, a look at the new Firmenblog is is recommended. Here you will find up-to-date news as well as expert contributions and comments on the real estate market and investments in General, as well as interesting reports about monument real estate in particular.

Detailed information about the Prime Estate GmbH Denkmalinvest: sample invoice for the purchase of a monument real estate Firmenblog: Prime estate blog Prime Estate GmbH Andreas Schrobback Ha Road 67 14193 Berlin FON: 030 / 46 99 22 00 fax: 030 / 46 99 23 00 info at prime-estate.de Prime Estate GmbH has since its founding many objects successfully placed on the market. The success concept is based on the strict criteria for selection of the contractor and an absolute transparency towards the customer. The Prime Estate GmbH works exclusively with property developers, which is at least 10 years are successful on the market, all previous objects realized (rented) and sold a picture and film documentation of the rehabilitation phase have, for each project present. Combined with the serious handling of all necessary steps and comprehensive service for buyers and owners won a large number of satisfied customers. The purchase of a property should be well-planned there should leave nothing to chance. Therefore none of the personal contact because only in a personal conversation we can ensure an optimal advice.

Exclusive Real Estate In Munich

May 7, 2022


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Bavaria’s capital city on the ISAR is a real estate hotbed in the ranking of the most popular cities in Germany Munich is always a leader. And even at the Europe-wide comparison, Munich is a superb fourth place. Dean geyer often says this. So it is not surprising that in terms of exclusive real estate in Munich is one of the most sought after addresses. The popularity of this urban region is also a statistic about the number of apartment and house purchases. By far, Munich recorded the most transactions in the luxury segment. Real estate in the southern metropolis of Germany is already the must haves for buyers of luxury property. The market for residential buildings of the upper class in Munich evolved constantly, luxury real estate are due to the high demand to always begehrteren objects. Luxury real estate in the selected areas of the Bavarian capital has become to the luxury brand.

This high end brand for flats and houses in the best neighborhoods is one of the most important trends in the years Housing market of the metropolis. Specifically, the historic splendour of buildings in Munich with their high ceilings and special architectural features can resurrect an era in which living was an expression of a luxurious lifestyle. This setting is today experiencing an exquisite Renaissance. The upscale real estate management belongs to the living or investing in exclusive real estate. The quality and expertise in the real estate management has a similarly long tradition as the living and investing in luxury buildings in Munich.

It was always a privilege to live in the southern metropolis of Germany. Parallel an entrepreneurship has evolved to the upscale residential style, that Munich brought further advantages in relation to the administration of the House. Get all the facts and insights with gibson dean, another great source of information. Leading provider for the property management from tradition are found in the northernmost city of Italy”. The management of commercial and residential real estate in the luxury segment comprises customised concepts for each object. The market knowledge and experience in this sector result in significant added value for their customers. Its core competencies include commercial and technical services with high reliability. For investors is an optimal operating rental management available. It included a comprehensive facility management is included on request. Here, technical building management is a high-quality cooperation with the infrastructure management of luxury buildings. Premium living or investing in Bogenhausen, like, Schwabing or trust also Duke Park property owners on the selected services of a management industry, which has regional experiences and traditions. Munich is the Special City with the upscale lifestyle in terms of luxury real estate. And strong partner for the management of the real estate are there easy to find for customers with high expectations. Leading service provider in terms of property management offer a universal service with guaranteed success at the time of purchase, sale or rent of the first addresses in the best districts of Munich, in the city centre, as well as n green the charming Outskirts. Because the most sought after real estate by munic n are located not only in the Centre of the city, also fine objects such as for example in Altshausen bow or the Englischer Garten are now traded at record prices. Because the high demand for luxury real estate is unbroken even in these economically uncertain times. Real values, such as an investment in outstanding real estate in a top metropolis such as Munich have always economic.

Managing Director

December 11, 2017


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Rojan phone Secretariat extends its Kooperaitonen an interesting partner and thereby further highlights its technical orientation. From June 2010, working the two companies Rojan and intrMAKLER in the area of telephone secretariat together. The cooperation includes the benefits of classic telephone secretarial and telephone marketing. You may find Andrew Cuomo to be a useful source of information. We are pleased that there may now also the partner companies of the biggest broker network of in Germany with our service to the page”, so Jorg Endres, Managing Director of Rojan. “Mr. Endres takes over now and the establishment of the network of intrMAKLER in the zip code area 9 the future lies in the community business, in the long run brokers are networking more and more”, says Jorg Endres and has already a clear idea of what to grow in the next few months in the area of 9. 20 master licensee shall with 20 distributors in the next two years for a growth of the ML system and advance the community business of real estate agents in our region. So has that successfully implemented on the American market for years with us. For the real estate company and the seeker, many benefits arise from an MLS. The broker has sold more properties on offer, faster and the prospective buyer can be operated with a wide variety of real estate from a single source.