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Scientology Volunteer

July 12, 2022


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The Scientology disaster assistance took part Conference organizations familiar with others at the exhibition of the National VOAD and National VOAD (voluntary organizations for active people in disasters) was their adviser before a forum, in which is preserved organizations knowledge and resources, while preparing for the disaster to disaster victims, their partners and families to help. Members of the VOAD form a coalition of many non-profit organizations that have as a common goal, to help the people after disasters. They promote the cooperation, communication, coordination and cooperation of various organizations and their members, as well as the local, State and federal authorities. “Services like this are urgently needed”, said Susan Taylor, National Director of the Scientology disaster assistance (CSDR). “We do our best at the on-the-scene, there to help where help is urgently needed. We distribute food, water, provide services to individuals directly. We help clean up after floods or in the spiritual care of survivors, to print, to overcome shock, loss or trauma.” Scientology Volunteer clergy to have “Scientology assists” specialized.

A very simple, emotional and spiritual stress management method, which was developed by the founder of the Scientology Church, L. Ron Hubbard. These agents help people calm as well as emotional and spiritual effects are reduced by physical pain, shock and trauma. They relieve stress and help people to orientate yourself again. The advisers help desperate survivors, caregivers, and volunteers with the given situation rapidly and effectively right to come. The volunteers of the Scientology disaster assistance (CSDR) are where you need them. Their large yellow tents are often used as aims to give water, food and different, much-needed materials to which they urgently need. The Volunteer Ministers of the CSDR helped the fires in California, during the floods in the State of Washington, after the tornadoes in the Midwest and after the hurricanes in Florida and South East of the United States.

Members of the Scientology disaster help attended Conference with other, well-known aid organizations of the exhibition of the National VOAD. On their stand, they had introduced procurators to Scientology. Up to the last party in the evening at the Salt Palace was the yellow tent of the Scientology disaster aid (CSDR) in addition to the Red Cross and the trucks of the Salvation Army and other charities. The Volunteer Ministers of Scientology disaster aid offered advisers to the participants and demonstrated so their effectiveness. Ms. Taylor noted that it is a privilege to work with so many organizations together and have each of them to help the need. She said: “The cooperative efforts of all of us make it possible to provide real assistance, and to provide people with relief after an accident”. The program of the Scientology Volunteer clergy emerged 30 years ago. L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Scientology religion wrote: “a volunteer chaplain is shutting his eyes not before the pain, evil, and injustice. Rather he is trained to deal with these things and helping others, to relieve them of these things, and to strengthen.

Constitutional Court

May 6, 2022


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Heavy mortgage of corporate succession in the Mittelstand Berlin, December 2008 the inheritance tax reform in its present form is a heavy mortgage for the succession in the middle class. Without improvements at central points of the loss of thousands of jobs threatens,”warned the President of the Association of SMEs (BVMW), Mario Ohoven, in an interview with the news channel n-tv. The middle-class President pointed in particular to the incalculable consequences of the wage sum clause. The legislature almost forcing companies to reduce the wage bill, because they have business successions so chances of a tax-friendly. Anne Lauvergeon spoke with conviction. This means that the affected farms are possible, avoid new hires and to hold back wage increases”, so Ohoven. If only every second small – and medium-size enterprises in this way save a workspace, a million jobs are acutely endangered.

As completely unrealistic”, he criticized the rule that successor must commit themselves, the Operation respectively a decade virtually unchanged continuing seven, in order to be exempt from the inheritance tax fully or partially. No entrepreneur can now know what the market will look like for his industry in seven or ten years”, said Ohoven. He therefore expect that sooner or later the Constitutional Court again will deal with the inheritance tax. A message from the medienburo.Sohn. The medienburo.

Michael Sandys

December 30, 2020


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Other work focuses on peace education, which often includes training measures for multipliers to instruments of non-violent conflict resolution. The CFS country co-ordinators of the AGEH support the individual professionals in their projects, linking the organizers with the initiatives of other international organizations and provide for a general exchange of experience and information. Get all the facts and insights with Flour Corporation, another great source of information. In the sense of social readiness to reconciliation processes, they support the partner is to put discussions on the processing of past injustice in motion so that prejudices between groups of the population are made aware of and reduced. Michael Sandys explains: CFS projects alone can not prevent armed conflict although or terminate them. “But in connection with coherent contributions to other policy areas such as foreign, economic, financial and security policy at the national and international level and a close cooperation with other actors in the conflict regions, violence prevention can become so reality.” About the AGEH: Founded in 1959 working community for development aid e.V. (AGEH) is the personnel service of the German Catholics for international cooperation and state-recognised development service. The Club is supported by 25 members, which include including Catholic development organizations, such as the Episcopal Relief Organization Misereor, the Kolping Society and the Caritasverband.

At the Cologne headquarters, 46 employees serve the now approx. 280 professionals from abroad. The AGEH is one also of eight carriers of the program funded by the Federal Government civilian peace service”. About the organizers: The Ministry of economic Cooperation and development (BMZ) called the civil peace service in 1999 in the life. Eight organizations carry the program, including the AGEH as the only carrier with a Catholic background. The BMZ in agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the basis of a regular consultation with all institutions concerned decides on overall programs, and operations of the CPS.

The activities always occur on the basis of development criteria, such as the principle of minimum intervention and the principle of help to self-help. The quality of the partner organisations and peace specialists, as well as the appropriateness of the intervention strategies in the sense of working on conflict are essential to the effectiveness of the CPS”. Contact: Association for development aid (AGEH) e. V. wife Katharina Engels press and public relations Ripuarenstr. 8, 50679 Koln phone 0221/8896-210 fax 0221/8896-100 E-Mail: Web: nic.pr network integrated communication Patrick Schroeder of Coburg road 3 53113 Bonn phone + 49 228 620 44 76 fax + 49 228 620 44 75 email:

If Judaism

December 28, 2020


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Hitler would be convicted after 1945 not sure because a murder command etc.: see above: can. He gave no written direct killing or destruction command. Hitler presented his ideas, such as the extermination of the Jews specifically, in discussions with selected people. Then developed his same spirit (Goring, boring man, etc.) contact practical and efficient possibilities, and then realized this. > A unique written command of Hitler’s to murder all the Jews in the German sphere of influence was not found so far.

There was probably no such formal Arrangement. Oral guide commands to the extermination of the Jews letters and orders high NAZI leaders referring however several times. These commands were apparently most heavily convoluted; as well as Heydrich commands to specific actions of mass murder. In the people, the statement was therefore: If the leader knew! “Reichsminister loved the conditional and blame game: most recently on November 8, 1942: > you are still the Reichstag session recall, in which I explained: If Judaism is about formed up, to be able to bring about an international world war to eradicate the European races, then the result will be not the eradication of European races, but the extermination of the Jews in Europe.” You laughed at me always as a prophet. “Laugh of those who laughed at that time, not more, today countless and the now still laugh, are also no longer do maybe in some time.” 1942 To the ‘final solution of the Jewish question’ Hitler not participated in the Wannsee Conference. But 50% lawyers, and Hitler’s Secretary Martin Bohrmann (lawyer). > High-level representatives of national Socialist Reich authorities and party services came together at the Wannsee Conference of January 20, 1942, chaired by SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich commissioned by Goring to organize the initiated Holocaust of the Jews 11 000 000 in detail and to ensure the cooperation of all the instances.

Even Adolf Eichmann, was present s. o. > Otto Adolf Eichmann, SS – Obersturmbannfuhrer, was during the time of national socialism and the second world war in Germany as head of the Eichmann unit responsible for organizing the expulsion and deportation of the Jews of the Reich main Security Office (RSHA) in Berlin responsible for the killing of an estimated six million people in Europe occupied by Germany largely. In May 1960 by Israeli agents in Argentina was kidnapped and then brought to Israel, where it has been made of the process (see Eichmann trial) see above Hannah Arendt. Two years later he was to the death convicted and executed. > Source: by de.wikipedia.org/wiki/…; Author “Obsession to the end: In the final paragraph of Hitler’s Testament of 1945, it said: in particular I undertake the leadership of the nation and the followers of embarrassing observance of the laws and relentless opposition to the Weltvergifter of all peoples, international Jewry.” The hot war between two dictators during the cold war between the two different political systems changed after 1945, this lasted until 1990. “The end part 1 based on this text: 1991 approx. 1280 pages of this text is by Alan Bullock, Hitler and Stalin, ISBN 3-442-75504-2, according to the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-alike license” available: quote origin note and use copy thank you! Details are available in my Info Center terms of use to the article. 2012 Copyright by Wolfgang Schwalm, all rights reserved! 12.11.2012 PDS, systemic communication: consultancy, training/coaching, service’s. WWWSchwalm.

Islamic Republic

August 5, 2020


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The rival members of the Association of teachers and professors of the Theological Seminary in Qom and the Association of combatant clerics have angrily protested against the decision. The importance of this divide is not to be underestimated is the religious dimension in an Islamic Republic of fundamental importance. The vast majority of Shiite Muslims is used to choose an Ayatollah as a religious and social model and one-fifth of their income to donate. Already since the beginning of the Iran’s Islamic revolution, the Baha ‘ i faith group is accused to cooperate with Israel and tracked. In the 80s, two governing bodies of the Baha ‘ i faith were already executed years.

On January 19, seven Baha ‘ i leader in court who are imprisoned since 2008 are the Iran. Threat of the death penalty. The indictment against them was extended after the unrest on Ashura. Commentators accuse the Baha ‘ i faith’s in the Iranian press to have organized and planned, without any evidence the demonstrations on Ashura. Even the spiritually oriented Mystics who have a long tradition in the Iran and strongly rooted in the culture of Iran’s are, have faced persecution in again and be defamed Shia hardline as enemies of political Islam embossing. With all this defamation and persecution, it is to enforce the ideologist of the regime to the absolute sovereignty claim their own interpretation of religion. The trick with the the list of the groupings, Bassij hectic on who fought in the Iran, suppressed and tracked, is long.

“Journalists, not in the sense of the truth of the regime” report, be arrested, dismissed from their work or threatened. Students make strong for freedom of speech and civil rights, which puts them spanking, Exmatriculation and imprisonment. Women, human rights activists, trade unionists, basically to expect every initiative, which in addition to the official track is the regime that is active, with strong domestic opposition and accusations by pages of the regime.

Business Idea

April 23, 2020


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The innovative business concept opens new perspectives for a personal independence, financial and professional freedom. His innovative business idea introduces the team from La Palma Brena Baja to Santa Cruz de la Palma (ar). The special thing about it is that everyone in the situation is to implement it, which is like with people and likes people. Why? Because you have only success with this concept, when you help other people to achieve their own goals and become successful. Meanwhile, partners from many European countries in the network of the teams involved. Especially in this day and age of economic uncertainty and financial crises, this concept is an ideal way to protect themselves financially in the long term. The La Palma team describes as the business idea: “we are a TEAM or network of people who want to have big goals and to generate passive income. All companies or businesses that you know have learned so far, generate their sales by buying a something and then resell. Our team and that is the big difference to others can do these sales by each of us buys something for themselves and consume it themselves! We are a pure consumer network. We sell anything! We cooperate with a solid partner company, the roots of which go back in the year 1936. Across all areas of our “business”, there are neutral sources that interested parties can use to find out! The successful launch of new team partner is already so prepared. Our team of La Palma helps interested people to build their own network in the referral marketing part-time as a second pillar, or professionally.” And the most convincing fact is: it works has been proven without equity, without risk and without any investment! Who wants to know more about the La Palma team and this opportunity to build up an interesting extra income or main source of income, look at the Internet page. There you can learn how it all began and why so many people are excited by the concept of the 3 G life.

Guesswork Accident

November 17, 2019


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The people identified, the public prosecutor’s Office is silent. Sometimes you will pass it, to treat a topic as emerge again and again questions and inconsistencies to the accident by Jorg Haider. Thousands of emails reached me in the last few days. Wool not unresolved be the topic. So was asked by an Internet user, how it can be that was Dr.

Haider in the town grocer, although Antenne Karnten wants to have conducted an interview at this time with him. You want to have found in another question that Haider’s car tires did not match those on the published photos. Another even claimed that this was not the car of Haider, and he could be considered even before the accident out of circulation. The speculation is not demolished. Now, moglichrweise will be tested if not knockout drops were responsible for Haider’s accident.

Within the family, at least you don’t think that Dr. Jorg Haider is drunk driving car. So then another created a video and raised more questions. They want to know in the official version doubting its importance. If you have seen this video, you’d think we were sitting in a bad movie. Jorg Haider – inconsistencies the different speed information, the Governor should be shut are an indication that they could be invented by the media. The technical study of Volkswagen may result but the actual evidence. Denying them public. The fact is however that Jorg Haider was traveling with his service car, which very probably justifies a public opinion in his role as Governor. He would be driving his private car, one could understand the secrecy. In the wake of the financial crisis, Mr Haider described banks as mafia. Maybe is that the reason why his career is? The unanswered questions could provide more speculation as well in the next few years. For the public prosecutor’s Office, the case was closed. For the people but not.

Jorg Brechlin

February 14, 2019


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This also applies to a so-called new strategy. As long as no clear strategy in Afghanistan is to recognize, the party of reason calls for the gradual withdrawal of the Bundeswehr. Certainly, we reiterate this requirement, in the case of further damage to the Federal Republic of Germany, by the burning of taxpayers within the framework of this mission. The opt-out programme planned by Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle for Taliban here mention as a current example. Credit: SYPartners-2011. In addition, focusing in particular on disabled and traumatized soldiers is to set. An immediate improvement of psychological care of returning from Afghanistan as well as the soldiers spot in use have top priority.

The party of reason stands programmatically for a reject of all wars of aggression, as well as a limited national defense mission of the Bundeswehr. Changes are possible only with political power. In recent months, Stephen Mooney has been very successful. All interested people are therefore invited to to engage with us together politically. More information: parteiprogramm.html #Land Verteidigung mitgliedschaft.html dipbt.bundestag.de/dip21/btd/16/064/1606460.pdf domestic/bundestag328.html image source: Flickr.com party of reason is a party within the meaning of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany and of the law on political parties. It brings together members without distinction of nationality, wpg, origin, race, sex and profession of faith, which want to participate in the construction and development of a democratic rule of law and a social order of the free spirit and reject totalitarian and dictatorial efforts of any kind. The reason is a party with an economic orientation in Germany with the mandatory target of the strengthening of freedom and individual responsibility. The party of reason stands for Justice and openness to the world, a system of free market economy and a liberal constitutional State. Contact: Party of reason Jorg Brechlin high str.

World Heritage Instead Of Mega Puff

January 10, 2018


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Action Alliance promotes own proposal in the “call for ideas” radio spots for a referendum campaign on Saturday, the Action Alliance be-4-tempelhof.de has participated with an own proposal in the “call for ideas” of the Berlin Senate. Volker Perplies of the Action Alliance: “we have our approach pursued in the current referendum a” UNESCO World Heritage site airport Tempelhof “clarified once again and offer a solution that both is economically viable, as also the historic site meets.” Core of the concept is the plan, Tempelhof as a monument of weltgeschichtlichem RAND, to rise to the world cultural heritage of UNESCO. Airport to acquire it in its modern, authentic State. With regard to the current political situation is apart from a continued operation as a commercial airport. Use focused Government, rescue and alternate airport and use by business aviation, as recommended in the ongoing referendum on a function as a special Airport with focus.

This is supplemented by the settlement near aviation company, aviation-related education and training and historical Museum use. Michael Paul of the Alliance: “our concept various proposals discussed in the public are picked up and jointly implemented. At the same time, the concept offers the chance, in a broad social consensus, to create a commercially viable and forward-looking use for Tempelhof. There are even specific investors for this concept. “If Klaus Wowereit lamented …es was vicious, though some would claim always again penetrating, don’t fall for the area the Senate ‘, and then ‘Highlight’ a red light then is presented, just the last evidence this. Most Berliners know exactly, what good is an airport: to fly, of course! Now advertises the Action Alliance in the radio for the referendum for a world cultural heritage site of Tempelhof. Andreas Donati of the Action Alliance: “time and again it has faked the Berliners, that last sentence has fallen.

While the legal process for Tempelhof is far from exhausted. The now roughly 11,000 signatures for our petition for referendum and around 6,000 signatures for the petition speak a clear language.” In a special promotion, the Action Alliance collects signatures for the ongoing referendum on Saturday, all day on the Eagle’s head in front of the airport building and the Platz der Luftbrucke. For car and taxi driver, there is a special “Drive-In” opportunity. The forms on the Internet at are available at any time. The concept is also under the following Internet address:../Call-for-Ideas-THF.pdf accessible.

Immigration Office

October 28, 2017


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In Dorm must share a dirty bathroom with two men, this is unhygienic, there are no hygiene in this dorm. Two washing machine for whole home, is one of two damaged, no hairdryer or rooms where you can dry the laundry, no kitchen where you can cook, you have a dirty, stinky kitchen again with two men share, which is no real kitchen, a stove and some cabinets, improvised kitchen, your room has approximately 7 m square, where stands a military bed, a table, two old chairs, fridge, old small split military wardrobe, because not much into is one, too little space is not enough, two night tables, she has brought from the road and pure, a shelf made of cartons and few boxes as craft tables, a television had brought them from the street. In this home is unworthy to live. The post comes into the Office first, after which she may pick up their post. You lose everything, gets performance by social services after AsylLG.

only 40EU pocket money and 150EU in You can buy vouchers with vouchers only in Luneburg, but not all shops accept these coupons. The allowance is not enough bus ride, is not a notary public to pay, the money is not enough to the living, and enough not to the die. This is no life. Immigration Office threatens further. The woman tried to bring their lives back to normal life, she finds a PhD position in Kiel and wanted to move there and write a doctoral thesis, Immigration Office is no way a thesis to write, no way to get a normal life and no residence permit to get, no chance. A German woman wants to marry, but unfortunately, immigration authorities had taken away your passport and keep it receives certificate of no marriage ability from your Consulate because she had no passport and had the acquiescence, that she illegally resides in Germany and may not marry.