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Gallegos Nava

April 4, 2019


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I therefore consider that the holistic education is indispensable for human evolution, since it seeks to develop and strengthen a new consciousness or State of the human spirit. Gallegos Nava points out that the holistic education becomes priority and central to continue our evolution, consciousness must deepen the knowledge of whether same, only this type of more profound and spiritual knowledge will allow us to take a new genuine evolutionary step. (2003: 40) If we want that reality that is lived in different social contexts change, the man to transform their feelings and mink in the world must change the aims of education that is taught in the schools, same which should be enablers of that change and evolution of consciousness of the beings, to make this world, our home in which harmony and welfare are our common life. In dialog Atsuhiko Yoshida expressed to Dr. Gallegos that values can lead through holistic education perennial, universal could operate along what remains of history, which I find it interesting to think that is a change that would transform the world and I am part and promoter of this permutation of culture, way of living and especially of formation of spiritual beings, love that carry as a condition of life and relationships with others. It is a hard work that entails much effort and above all tenacity to not decay before the possible frustrations living on the road, since opening the hearts and the minds of others, at a first moment is difficult to achieve, however is a challenge, in my case go transforming my immediate surroundings of the place where I work. Although I have to admit that even much I learn, develop and strengthen in my spirituality, since I am of people who think that nobody can give what doesn’t, however the enthusiasm for achieving it and able to invite and encourage in others that live your peace of mind, freeing itself from the attachments, already started to introject spaces for reflection in the companions on things that live, make them suffer and would like to change. .

Your Ability To Earn Money

July 8, 2013


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In this world there is no free money and all have to work to earn it. That’s practically a law around the world. Since we are born we are preparing to avail ourselves by ourselves (well, at least it was with me) and be independent. That is why we went to school or learned a trade. No matter what your situation, the most valuable resource you have is your ability to earn money. That ability is that has you in the place where you are, whether good or bad.

You can remove everything that you have, but as long as you have your ability to earn money, you can recover what was lost. It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor, bricklayer or chef; that ability is that keeps you and gives you little or much as you have. In this economy, and as they see things in the future, every day is more important to not only save costs but earn more money. So if you need to earn money, ask yourself if you are increasing your ability to win it. A doctor, to collect more expensive, is going to take a seminar on a new method of treatment or purchase of equipment to make Diagnostics that can do because you don’t have it. A bricklayer buys tool or learn new methods and materials to be more efficient and to build more or better, both good options to get to pay you more. Any work or occupation you can improve, giving you the option to earn more with him.

Where already not can earn more on what you’re doing, do you learn a new skill or ability that you can exploit the weekends or in the evenings? It’s easy to complain that the situation is very bad and that reaches anyone that has. However, it is also important to know that, is who has control over that, you. Not got time? There are online and by correspondence courses. You don’t have money? You can start slowly and, in addition, the vast majority of courses not charged you more than what you now spend on beer or fun. Before you regret you about your situation and say there is no remedy, ask yourself if you are increasing your ability to earn money. If not what you’re doing, then today is a good day to start. If you want options, learn how to earn money online and create your own opportunities to have your a profitable business.