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September 30, 2017


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Thus being, when this body perished the soul would continue to exist and if she was ready would come back toward the world of the ideas, if not, he would continue in the land incarnating itself in another body, only that Toms de Aquino abandoned the platonismo and, especially as for the anthropology, making its point of view in the aristotelismo. Looking at for Averris we have the interpretation of the thought of the Estoicismo. Hikmet Ersek often addresses the matter in his writings. According to exegese averrosta, does not exist immortality personal. With a well detailed study of the thought of Aristotle, but if moving away a little from the concepts and giving its proper ones, Toms affirms that the soul is immortal. But why it concludes thus? Because it says that the soul has to be proper, to be that it does not receive nor from the body nor from the union with the body.

This fact distinguishes the soul from the body and of the other corporal forms, it is the sufficient, by itself, to explain its immortality. 2.3 The Freedom Before de Toms, Augustin already had said on question of the freedom of the man or free-will. It said that the man was created by God and, at the moment of the creation constituted it to God as the free being endowed with intelligence. this free-will has its action, can say thus, in the will of which the man would go to use itself. For Toms, the man is ' ' nature racional' ' , that is, one to be capable to know. It has the capacity to know the end which each thing tends by its very nature, and knows an order of the things in the top of which he is Well supreme God as. In the terrena life, the intellect alone knows the good and the evil of the things that are not of God.

The Poverty

August 29, 2012


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All have the same chance, but some make use of diferenciadoras individual characteristics that can justify inferior standards of remuneration for the women. Exactly in the developed countries, some typically masculine professions of superior level have offer of reduced wage when they start to be busy for women (Callas, 1999). These mechanisms make with that the conflict is situated in the individual level, therefore the individual finish for accepting the existence of its incapacity to adjust itself of efficient form to the productive process, to the methods of work or its demands, and never in the level of the system that offers to all the equality of chances of careers, but do not fulfill this paper. The meritocrtico criterion, for Barbosa (1999), is placed in two levels: the merit, properly said, based on the capacity of each one to carry through definitive activity or to locate themselves in one determined hierarchy on the basis of its talentos or in the personal effort; the meritocrtica ideology, where the only legitimate and desirable hierarchies are those basing on the election of the best ones. However, this ideology is far from being assimilated integrally by the Brazilian society, therefore still we are imprisoned to a past where certain types of works are worthless of the man (white) and merit must be established by origin, social and economic relations.

In this direction, Fleury (1998) considers that the Brazilian society is contradictory, therefore the population values its diverse, including its African roots, present origin in music, the food, the religious sincretismo; but, on the other hand, in a estratificada society, the access to the chances of the educational system and the position in the work market are defined by the economic and racial origin. The critical one of Fleury can statistical be proven. In accordance with given of the IPEA, the tax of participation in the work market is similar for whites and blacks, but sample that in an analysis for clipping of color if evidences that the poverty is very bigger between the black population.

Volume Memory

April 20, 2012


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In my case, these began after a six-year practice of recapitulation. Do not want to speculate on assumptions about the activities in "Increased awareness", etc., so I decided to make the information survey, which is probably the method of calming the mind. So, what kind of memories. This is a clear memory blocks that have the skills ever in this reality do not get this situation and interaction, with no place in a linear flow of time. For a start we turn to science. It should say in advance that all that is known about the science of memory and remembrance, was obtained as a result of explore all sorts of variations. Based on this engram, or memory is a store of information stored in the central nervous system, which is only 1% of the total flow of incoming information, everything else is eliminated.

Responsible for the so-called reaction of attention. People filtered in its perception of the elements of the world which support the uniqueness of the system. Existing primary and secondary memory. The primary memory is the first attention, verbal expression. Secondary memory is the second attention, vision, hearing, knowing without words, what is peculiar to animals and small children. The volume of primary memory disproportionately lower secondary, that's what we use in everyday life. Secondary memory manifests itself in modern man only during sleep with rapid eye movement. Science believes that a false memory – deja-vu is the result of disruption of memory and awareness. Also, sleep deprivation is another incentive for the occurrence of false memories.