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November 19, 2018


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We must always work with possibilities, and not with impossibilities. We never must externar an idea, that does not exist the possibility to materialize it knot moment. For more information see Andrew Cuomo. Many times a project is excellent, but he is inadequate for the time where it is presented. Therefore, to present it will be able even though, to result in loss of credibility next to a great number of people. Ademais we run the risk to see in the future, others harvesting the fruits of an idea ours, sown in inadequate time.

One another one will be able to take ownership of this idea, and to sow it na sphere of the possibilities, and to be with the products of the fame, whereas, the true authors of the idea, now well-occurred, they are launched in the ostracism. To know to work with the possibilities, is to coexist the victory. Already to dive in the field of the impossibilities, is the same that to esmurrar the wind. It is to play itself in the absolute emptiness.

The Responsibility

December 19, 2012


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Then, this new boarding suggests three fronts of action for the companies with objective of creation of the necessary ways for magnifying them potentialities of its employees. In view of that with this, beyond the company, the society also will be become rich. The Responsibility of the Companies a person in the work environment can and must act in such a way that it can auto-enable and develop its vocations. Still, it must in accordance with act the parameters of the third group. But, without support of the company, and without one directed politics and strategy for this end, the individual attempts more early or later will go to fail.

For example, had to an inadequate leadership, an excellent employee can be fit for a repetitive service. In this way, this person will be sultry ' ' in its exlio' ' , without being able to use to advantage its creativity or to develop its capacity. This situation can last years, without change possibility. Another constrangedora situation is when an employee tries to worthy behave in accordance with the virtues related in the third group, and other fellow workers do not import themselves in if holding in a similar way. This person, exactly acting inside of the correct concepts, will feel itself suffocated and victim of the desgastante environment of its work will become.

Nowadays she is common to occur this type of thing in the work environment, that beyond causing loss of heart and estresse for the affected ones, generates enormous damages for the safes of the company. Therefore, the controllers, with seriousness, must act in the prevention of this type of failure in meeting. This requires that the institutions and companies plan the strategies that make possible the implantation of a style of work capable to take care of to the hierarchy of the necessities in the three levels as it was suggested.

Personal Coach

November 1, 2012


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Already we are in November. One more time, the year passed flying. in each new year, we make interior promises of that everything will be different: some are considered to leave the sedentarismo of side and to initiate a physical activity, others are considered to improve the career – who knows a course in the exterior? Others still are considered to move of job, to leave that insuportvel head pra backwards. But we are in November, not yet we are speaking of proposals for 2012, and is the question: its proposals of beginning of year if had materialize? All we have dreams, ways for our auto accomplishment. the majority of the people that dreams, hardly places the dream in practical, only dreams.When if they give account, the entire year already was, an entire life already was, full of frustrations for not the accomplishment of simple goals, but that our lives would give to one another direction ace. Procrastination is one of the causes for these not accomplishments.

Laziness and fatigue are only sisters of the procrastination. But if the life is ours and of plus nobody, why we do not make something concrete to move what we desire instead of – enters year, leaves year – only lamenting in them for plus one year lost? We have the reins of our life, us we are the authors and principal actors of our spectacle. How we are taking care of of our garden? We are watering down, adubando, trimming, taking off the grass harmful? Or we are leaving that to other they make it people for us? In a process of Coaching, these and many other questions are raised, therefore through the accomplishment of our dreams and goals, in them approach each time more than that one coisinha precious that it makes in them to raise – the happiness every day! It does not wait the year to finish to perceive that plus one year he was lost. It does not wait another year to start finally to give the first step for the accomplishment of its dreams. It makes this now! Medite on this article, brings for its heart what it could TODAY be made, NOW, so that 2011 are not plus one year lost. You will be able to be surprised at small actions that will bring an immediate change and perhaps if to frustar with enormous actions that had not resulted accurately in what you waited. But you go to be proud of itself exactly simply for having taken some attitude in relation its life and for not having left plus one year to have last in they go.

Life Coaching

June 10, 2012


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“Goldman Sachs is a one of the world’s largest investment banks. It traces its routes back to 1869 and is headquartered in Manhattan, New York City. Goldman Sachs provides wealth management, investment banking, and sales & trading services.

In regards to the technology world, Goldman Sachs continues to invest heavily in this market.”

To speak of the Life Coaching we will have that to say on the Dreams and the Reality We go for example to catch in its in case that, one remembers of when she was a child, when all possible age, when nothing it was impossible to reach Its Dream was to be an astronaut, doctor, professor of the primary, fireman, policy, model, remembers of what really it wanted? now, passed these years, what it is that makes in the Reality? The Life Coaching helps it to reach it the Dreams that really want for itself. The Coach (the person that Is certifyd as Coach) helps the Coachee (the customer) to become its Dreams in a Reality. For the Coach, the mission of it is to make with that the Coachee reach its specific objectivo. Then, that Dream would like to become Reality? At this moment it has the body that it always wanted? It has the energy necessary to make everything what it really wants? At this moment it works every day happy and it contents? It is felt carried through and recognized? In relation to its familiar bows, it is everything in agreement what it idealized? It is felt complete and confident in its loving relation? It wakes up motivated and with energy for plus one day? Or he is only ‘ ‘ plus one day as all outros’ ‘? already now as it is that the 1 year is seen daqu 3 years …….. 10 years? If to continue with the same behaviors, with the same life of now, as is that it will be gone to feel? It will be that it goes to think that must have moved of route while it was time? The fact is that the time never will come back stops backwards It uses to advantage and it makes of its Life Life that Really Wants! It comes back to the age of when all possible age and fights for its dreams The best height to move is Now, is when it feels of deep of the heart that already does not want this nor plus one day, nor plus one hour! The height to change its life starts when It decides To move! The Coach will help it the process it of these changes It goes to follow it, of the starting point, until a goal that to choose exactly for itself. The Coach, has the techniques necessary to help it, in each stage until the o top of its mountain, step by step always its side. Live The Life You Want!

Coaching Evaluation

May 24, 2012


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With the understanding that its perceptions affect its emotions and behaviors directly with the practical experience of this, a time that when searching alternative forms to think more adequate to the moment, coachee reaches better resulted. One of the goals of the Coaching Cognitivo is reached then, that is the cognitiva reorganization (change in the way of if thinking). Coaching Cognitivo: Way for the Success the Coaching Cognitivo is a practical process, guided to the action and that it allows to work with inigualvel effectiveness so searched TEA (joint of knowledge, ability and attitude). The internal knowledge of coachee is promoted through the questioning (that it is a premise in coaching: coach questions very, little affirms) and the external knowledge through tasks as research, to go the field, etc The development of abilities if of the one during the process, since this in such a way allows and stimulates these trainings of the behaviors in session how much it are. The attitude, that involves the fondness to make, to be motivated, to risk themselves and to commit themselves is one of the factors most important to keep in progress process. All already must have had an experience to discourage front to a professional project or of life and the consequncia can have been bigger difficulty in the execution of the same or still a fall in the result. As in the Coaching Cognitivo it works all moment with the perceptions of coachee front the different situations of its life, is obtained to soon keep it intent the possible thoughts or beliefs would desmotivariam that it and to deal with them in positive way. In this manner the Coaching Cognitivo is a powerful tool successfully in such a way to reach the projects of how much professional personal matrix.