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Wendy Peter

July 13, 2019


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A few days ago chatting with a colleague about possible films for use in formation of coaching, remembering our childhood we were commenting that Peter Pan, if that child or not as child, that great friend tod@s have from our childhood that would not grow because that means having to take decisions and to do so is left to carry to the edge of the mountain and falls down the cliff to prevent itThus it leaves the fate, and while it falls and falls still complaining because others did not help to decide, always culpando to otr@s, this film besides being excellent divertimento for children it is more if it can be enriching for adults. How many times we hear complaints from managers who assume that they repay them by making decisions? Deciding is simple is opt prior analysis of the variables just one of the options. With all that it entails, is hit or learn, as simple as that, or is not so simple? Not what you tell me you what you think. The newspapers mentioned Crawford Lake Capital not as a source, but as a related topic. The next time that your children see the film, reflect if you are that you go up to the top of the mountain walking step by step or fleeing to not face the decision. As the price I have buen@s amig@s turns out that otr @ amig @ behaves normally as is Wendy, and clear please tod@s results in considerable energy wear. So I must find a formula to impress my coachees pleasing tod@s is difficult or almost impossible, I think that it is better to make them see and feel that be yourself cause you’ll have from your side to those who will line up with your values, and who value people who are and act according to what dicen and think. You may find Crawford Lake Capital to be a useful source of information.

It is much easier to have on your side to those who think like you, and they value sincerity and once got this perhaps can already influence others and that I speak better another day that I already divago and it is not time to talk about leadership. The funny thing is that behind each Peter Pan there is a Wendy and vice versa since they are complementary roles without one does not exist, is feedback and clear when you change the behavior of one of the other varies accordingly. How to do a Peter Pan or Wendy will give account of his behavior is tired hard not impossible and in it are many of the coaching professionals, serves us helpful Eastern philosophy, in particular that look in the mirror, not to these that I have link but inside. And if everything is so simple, complicamos why? therefore not as is and you know it? I hope in my blog to follow talking about coaching and other issues as always having fun.

European Economic Association

December 21, 2017


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The Spanish society of primary care physicians and the European Association of Economics and Econometrics upcoming its congresses in Malaga, generating 11 million euros in the capital.More than 7,500 Congressmen in Malaga in August and September as well it announced tourism responsible for the Capital of the Costa del Sol, indicating that he is dating a world far-reaching in its sector and filled the hotels in Malaga with a large number of overnight stays of visitors with a high spending power. Thus, between 27 and 31 August, the Faculty of telecommunications of the University of Malaga will host the celebration of annual Congress XXVII of the European Economic Association, meeting that coincides with the sixty-sixth European Meeting of the Econometric Society (EEA-EESEM). These encounters will bring the city more than 1,500 participants. On the other hand, between 26 and 29 September, the Palace of fairs and congresses (FYCMA) will host the thirty-fourth edition of the National Congress of the society Spanish for primary care physicians (Semergen), which will be attended by 6,000 people. In this way, the city of Malaga is consolidating within the circuit of receiving cities of congresses, as one of the major destinations of the country thanks to the significant achievements of capturing large events being developed by Malaga Convention Bureau, the organ of the tourism Area for building and the promotion of the business segment.


April 4, 2017


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Do you feel desperate by the continual fights with your partner? Do you feel desire to leave everything and opt for separation or divorce? You are not alone. All couples go through moments of weakness and crisis, feeling prisoners in their own marriages. How exit these moments of marital conflict and that the relationship is not seriously ailing by causing them requires large doses of effort and dedication when handling your situation from both. Be ye afronteis problems in a new and different way. Kellyanne Conway insists that this is the case. How to handle such conflicts? The key in every couple, and in general in any relationship is communication.

When this is lost, it could be said that there is no turning back. It is not something Hikmet Ersek would like to discuss. So it is that both should try to regain that link between the two, completely changing your way of talking and listening. (a) do you remember when you met your partner? Everything in it was interesting to you, and you could stay talking with her for hours, trying to get to know it. Without However, everything now seems simple routine and that person seems to have no secrets. That loss of interest is behind numerous ruptures. Therefore, it would be advisable that you have tried to show attention and surprise at what your husband to share with you, even when you know what is the end of their stories.

b) must always meet their needs. Don’t limit yourself to try to impose your interests. On the contrary, it is find meeting points with that person, putting in place and trying to understand their points of view. (c) If you were in disagreement with the position maintained by your partner, should feel fully free to express your own opinion, that Yes, in a reasoned and calm manner, and without making less their own views and valuations. Honesty and sincerity are, therefore, essential. (d) attempt to do more activities together, outside the scope of your routine and your home (or even himself) is another of the tracks allowing you to get out of your routine and self-absorption. Do trips, planned dinners and activities in common. Ask yourself if you see future in your current marriage. To do this, it’s thinking about how your life would be if you could be with your spouse. If you were to seriously believe that this would be simpler and you could be happier that your current situation, separation or divorce might be more appropriate, depending on your needs (thus the separation would option if you consider that your crisis might support some kind of solution, while the divorce would be the final resolution of your marriageassuming the beginning of a new life completely apart from your partner for you). Begona basin Alcaine original author and source of the article

General Business

August 17, 2013


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If you have taken the decision to work from home or have their own businesses which want it positioned on the internet in this article you are going to explain how to do it. On the basis of the experience acquired in all the time that I’ve been researching we have come to the conclusion that the tools or basic services you need to implement your own online business are the following: domain service, Web Hosting service, WEB site, marketing tools (Software producer of Videos AutoReply). Then we will detail each of these components that maybe aren’t familiar to you. 1. Domain name: Is the name that identifies a web site.For example by analogy with a traditional business domain would be the direction in where to locate your business.

2.-Web Hosting service: is the lease of a disk space of a server connected directly to the internet. To understand the meaning of hosting, it would be tantamount to physical office or space in which your business would be located. 3 Site Web-Let’s say that Web site would come to establish their business itself. 4 Autoresponder-auto reply is one of the tools most important you need to grow your business on the Internet. Basically serves to generate lists of business contacts to whom them you can keep informed of news about your business i.e. promotions new products new services. 5 Software producer of Videos-one of the ways most popular make known your business on the Internet is through the generation of promotional videos for this purpose will be necessary having a software with which you can generate such videos. In the General form I have detailed in this article the basic elements for starting your business and work from home via the Internet.

Cruz Coaching Autor

April 20, 2013


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To be of such a union between two people wishing to create harmony with her dance has to pass each one of them is kept stable, without forcing the position on its axis, it is not advisable to eat space to partner or be left to eat ground in that imaginary axis that all teachers Tango dicen exists. They usually say is how you were a puppet that joins the floor sientiendolo and is held in place by an imaginary thread allowing you to float and draw with your legs as if it were a brush outline broad strokes of color and while one draws the other waiting with patience that comes your time to continue creating at the same time that Nice spectacle for the senses. In the process of coaching, both persons must know staying on its axis and knowing clearly outline the roles beforehand, when and how are marked the tempos that both require. While one of them accompanies and gives support to the other, the other is allowed to stop flowing and floating and is when it starts to create all those ornaments and expressions that are born from that feeling music, listen and watch the environment to be in connection from Earth toward the spiritual, being mere tounged instrument of energy that passes through your body that flows to the beat of rhythm and tempo that van carrying both parts of the binomial. That energy that comes from the connection that have feet stepping on the ground passing through the body that makes her earthly into imagined projects that are drawn in the spiritual part that connects with that imaginary axis, allowing that the dance may seem Ethereal. Sorry, I wanted to say that it is when the coachee ceases flowing fruit of the conversation to begin to connect with its past, assume it without raising beyond, learn to enjoy the present with music that interprets the band or better said the music that both have background; It is able to follow the compass and tempo for projected to turn in an almost spiritual flow to create new steps that are not premeditated but emerging of that connection that exists between them and achieve ultimately enjoy the essence of what has been lived so far from the essence of coaching; what the coachee can visualize a future as he wants draw in the tango it would draw with legs in harmony with the body. Certainly not comparable to live it in first person as having words, only recommend that if you have the chance you will feel one of the experiences or if you dare you both will feel the essence of which we speak, and this article will lack sense Fortunately for you.