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July 20, 2017


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Every online entrepreneur knows that one of the most important things in your business, your site is to have large numbers of subscribers to certain lists to implement in their web. The increased importance of having large numbers of subscribers is crucial when campaigns or promotions and are of their own products or affiliate for the simple reason that this greatly increases the chances of sales and success in our enterprise. Every day we receive in our mailboxes shipments webmasters with years in between that show part of show business income for thousands of dollars, but they did not tell us is that the campaigns are doing to them is reaching thousands and thousands of subscribers which in minutes and can be sold in four-digit numbers with the click of a single button on your autoresponder. A study by Enquiro Search Solutions company the average user spends only 1.8 seconds to take a look at the page on which income and decide what to do. The value of a landing page in the process of hoarding subscribers is crucial because if the first to enter a site full of content easily disperse their attention and would end up leaving, never to return and we have not lost a data to return to contact them. There are some points to consider to make the landing page, some of which are: – A landing page mainly consists of a main title, which is the hook to bring in the visitor’s interest to continue. – The second step is to provide information to visitors about the niche market in which the websites, which can make such listing or something benefits currently used is the placement of a video presentation which is generally very effective in time to make our visitors take the action we want. – After listing the benefits either through writing or audio-visual presentation is finished and tells you or you call a particular action for their benefit.

– Usually in the last step the user if found the presentation interesting and considers that it has many benefits for us to leave your e-mail address and name to subscribe to our newsletters or to receive some free bonuses. Finally in fact the most important is the main title and the bonds that the visitor can download for free, as it is proven that even if the benefits are not very good but what you can get to the bonds is truly unique and quality, chances are we’ve got one more subscriber to our lists. We must also take into account the visual or graphics of the site, which has to be generally friendly to the environment and clear in what it proposes. These points are just some of the advantages and characteristics of landing pages as the techniques are constantly changing, can find access to memberships, access to recordings of events, particularly for access to something valuable in terms of marketing Site and of course you have to subscribe someone else already sending out promotions and techniques in electronic commerce.