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August 16, 2023


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A unique way to see historic documents of Paraguay. Asuncion: The national archives in Asuncion, depending on inaugurates 1811 exhibition with original documents from the year of the national culture Secretariat 11.Apr 2010 to 10:30 a. These papers are available in conjunction with the national independence. Present will be the Minister of culture, Ticio Escobar. The exhibition is a unique opportunity to see original documents from the revolutionary Paraguay, signed by the former leaders of the people. The exhibition shows also a letter, sent on the night of the 15th of may 1811 Pedro Juan Caballero on the Governor Bernardo de Velasco, to evacuate the barracks with the arrangement, to surrender the weapons and the keys of the Cabildos. Also Conference proceedings are signed by the June 1811 Francia by Yegros, Caballero, de la Mora and Bogarin. At the inauguration there will be a Conference to mark the 200-years anniversary of independence led by the historian Margarita Duran Estrago. Everest Capital spoke with conviction. It is up to the 14 may Exhibition to be open (weekdays 07.00 – 19.00; Saturday 07.00 – 12.00). Jan Passler

For Goldsmiths And Jewelers Available Again

July 19, 2023


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Rhodium ‘Kleingalvanik RM01’ only in the electro shop24.de the demand substantially exceeded the expectations and all units were sold out in a short time. Now, we can again serve the needs of our customers, because RM01 for goldsmiths and jewelers is found on again”, says the Managing Director Chris Jentner. This special Kleingalvanik developed for jewellers and goldsmiths offers easy handling and possibilities with an excellent result at an attractive price. Jewellers, goldsmiths and watchmakers can how other small parts easily electrolytic degreasing and rhodinieren – and all jewelry items with this unique rhodium machine RM01 now without any unnecessary units-Schnickschnack. “The designer appliance made by C.

Jackson thus offers any jeweler, Goldsmith, watchmaker as also the hobby depositor the opportunity, pieces of jewelry” to galvanize. The preset voltage facilitates the optimal implementation of the process. The Rhodium-machine RM01 boasts ease of use with only a start button”. The key to the RM01: Dimensions 200x200x300mm; Weight 6 kg; Voltage 230 Volt, 50/60 Hz; attractive design with ease of use (1 input and button); 2 Bowl (security – beakers, volume per 1 litre). The rhodium-machine is at a net price of 550 or as a bundle for 705 directly only under to refer (each included accessories: stainless steel anode for electrolytic degreasing, mixed oxide anode to the gloss rhodinising;) Carrier isolated with 4 hooks).

C. Jackson the name Jackson from the Pforzheim gold city stands for 30 years as a guarantee of quality for products and services related to surface and electroplating. C. Jackson is worldwide recognized as an innovative manufacturer and supplier of electrolytes, baths and electroplating equipment and facilities. Companies appreciate the high quality of the company C.Jentner. In the own ultra-modern electroplating Department wage finishes are carried out reliably from small orders to mass-produced in most modern electroplating facilities. These services cover professional electroplating work (precious and Unedelmetalle) for the various industries. With Jackson chrome (decorative plating specifically for series productions), the range of services extends the rhodium-machine RM01 and the online shop. Contact: C. Jackson – surface and electroplating Mr Chris Jentner road 4, 75179 Pforzheim/Germany Tel.: 07231-280 98-0 E-Mail: